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Englisch - Türkisch
(denizcilik) puntal
hayvanların boyunlarının iki yanına direk koyarak çıkmalarına engel olmak
ahırdaki hayvanları muhafaza için hayvanların boyunlarının iki tarafına konulan direk
(Denizbilim) puntel
stanchion socket
puntal pabucu
barrier stanchion system
(Askeri) bariyer kaldırma sistemi
hinged stanchion
(İnşaat) devirme dikme
pivoting stanchion
devvar dikme
Englisch - Englisch
To confine by means of stanchions, typically used for cattle
A framework of such posts, used to secure or confine cattle
A vertical pole, post, or support
To erect stanchions, or equip something with stanchions
a vertical bar, or a pair of bars, used to confine cattle in a stall
{n} a small post or upright supporter
{i} vertical post, beam, pole
Vertical column supporting decks or girders, also called a pillar
A vertical supporting beam, nowadays mainly of steel
A vertical bar for confining cattle in a stall
Any upright post or beam used as a support, as for the deck, the quarter rails, awnings, etc
A stanchion is a pole or bar that stands upright and is used as a support. a strong upright bar used to support something (estanchon, from estance; STANCE)
Wood (usually mahogany or teak) deck support that transfers the compression forces from the mast to the hull Also serves as the mounting platform for the centerboard winch and wooden spinnaker halyard cleats
A pillar of wood or iron used for various purposes in a ship: to support the deck, the quarter rails, the nettings, the awnings etc
an upright post or support that holds a sign
any vertical post or rod used as a support
A prop or support; a piece of timber in the form of a stake or post, used for a support or stay
An compression structural member severing as a beam or post
The wood side rails that connect the brush bow to the runners and the handlebar to the sled The stanchions usually take a pretty good beating so we keep a good supply of spares on hand see The Anatomy of a Dog Sled
A stanchion
plural of stanchion
Stanchions are the upper portion of suspension fork legs, which are rigidly connected to the fork crown and stay still as the lower portion (sliders) move up and down absorbing bumps in the terrain Stanchions are made from chromed steel (heavy but strong and friction free) or aluminium (coated with Teflon or some other material to prevent friction) Stanchions are either cold press fitted into the crowns, bonded or held in place by bolts Of these options, bolts are the best as they allow replacement of a stanchion if damaged, then cold press fitting as it is light and strong Bonding has not been very sucessful and most manufacturers have abandoned this method
third-person singular of stanchion
Vertical poles that stand on the outer edge of the deck to hold the lifelines
the stabilizing struts between the basket, the burner mount and the load cables On some balloons the stanchions are actually load-bearing elements; on others they simply act as stiff or slightly flexible guides for the actual load-bearing elements and connections from envelope sensors to the instrument console Also referred to as "burner supports", or more generically, "supports"
An upright bar, post or support