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Englisch - Englisch
To drool saliva from the mouth; to slobber
a person engaged in the slave trade
a ship used to transport slaves
white slaver, who sells prostitutes into illegal 'sex slavery'
To fawn
{n} spittle
{v} to drivel, to emit spittle
to run from the mouth
To smear with saliva issuing from the mouth; to defile with drivel; to slabber
A vessel engaged in the slave trade; a slave ship
someone who owns slaves
Saliva driveling from the mouth
To suffer spittle, etc
{f} dribble saliva from the mouth, drool; slobber; flatter, act in an obsequious manner
white slaver, who sells prostitutes into illegal sex slavery
If an animal slavers, liquid comes from its mouth, for example because it is about to attack and eat something. Mad guard dogs slavered at the end of their chains. the wolf's slavering jaws. = slobber. to let saliva (=liquid produced inside your mouth) come out of your mouth, especially because you are hungry = drool (From a language)
{i} one who deals in slaves, one who owns slaves; slave ship; saliva; nonsense, drivel
To be besmeared with saliva
A person engaged in the purchase and sale of slaves; a slave merchant, or slave trader
let saliva drivel from the mouth; "The baby drooled"
a person engaged in slave trade
drooling saliva
Present participle of slaver
white slaver
a trafficker in white slaves
Drooling; defiling with saliva
plural of slaver
white slaver
A person engaged in procuring or holding a woman or women for unwilling prostitution
white slaver
A procurer of or trafficker in white slaves
white slaver
a person who forces women to become prostitutes