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{n} the act of making simple
the act of reducing complexity
elimination of superfluous details
A rule of inference of the form: p · q _____ p Example: "Jevona is tall and Jevona is thin Therefore, Jevona is tall " Although trivial in ordinary language, this pattern of reasoning is vital for proof construction in the propositional calculus
The act of simplifying
You can use simplification to refer to the thing that is produced when you make something simpler or when you reduce it to its basic elements. Like any such diagram, it is a simplification
a explanation that omits superfluous details and reduces complexity
exchanging pieces to avoid complications, clarifying am advantage
An image-development strategy whereby an image is made less complex by the elimination of details
{i} act of making less complex; act of making plainer; act of making easier
This refers to the way in which learners try to make L2 learning easier by limiting the number of hypotheses they form at any one stage of development, or by omitting grammar and/or prepositional elements in production
The philosophy and methodologies that seek to reduce product and process variation, quality problems and cost by identifying and eliminating non-value added tasks, and standardizing component and resource usage
elimination of superfluous details a explanation that omits superfluous details and reduces complexity
the act of simplifying or something that has been simplified
a valid simple argument
Simplification is the act or process of making something simpler. Everyone favours the simplification of court procedures