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Englisch - Englisch
a butcher's shop
Third-person singular simple present indicative form of shamble
a great mess or clutter

This website is a shambles.

a scene of bloodshed, carnage or devastation
a scene of great disorder or ruin
a slaughterhouse
{n} a butchery, a place to buy meat at
a building where animals are butchered
a butchers shop
third person singular of shamble
a condition of great disorder
If a place, event, or situation is a shambles or is in a shambles, everything is in disorder. The ship's interior was an utter shambles The economy is in a shambles. = mess. be (in) a shambles a) if something is a shambles, it is very disorganized and there is a lot of confusion (shambles (16-20 centuries), from shamble (14-19 centuries), from scamul )
{i} disorder, mess; disastrous state or condition; slaughterhouse, place where animals are butchered for meat; place of carnage
To walk while shuffling or dragging the feet

I wasn't too impressed with the fellow, when he shambled in unenthusiastically and an hour late.

a complete shambles
(deyim) Chaos, mess, muddle, confusion, disorder, havoc
economy in shambles
general economy disorder
{i} shuffle, clumsy stride, awkward gait
{f} walk clumsily, shuffle, walk awkwardly
A place where butcher's meat is sold
walking with a slow dragging motion without lifting your feet; "from his shambling I assumed he was very old
to walk slowly and awkwardly, not lifting your feet much, for example because you are tired, weak, or lazy = shuffle shamble over/past/along etc (shamble (of legs) (16-19 centuries), probably from shamble ( SHAMBLES); probably because of the similarity to table legs)
A place for slaughtering animals for meat
One of a succession of niches or platforms, one above another, to hold ore which is thrown successively from platform to platform, and thus raised to a higher level
To walk awkwardly and unsteadily, as if the knees were weak; to shuffle along