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(Bilgisayar) fix
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six-bit transcode
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- Single Business Tax Levies taxes on the benefits a business receives from state and local government Unlike typical profit-based taxes, all businesses, regardless of legal form, are subject to taxation The existence of an authority allows a developer or taxpayer a credit of up to 10 percent of capital investment or an absolute cap of $1 million
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A registration prefix in TICA, it translates as "Stud Book Traditional " For the Bengal, an SBT cat means a minimum of four generations away from the closest Asian Leopard Cat ancestor, and three generations of Bengal to Bengal breeding with no outcrossing to any other breed Earlier generations may be registered in TICA; only SBT generations may be shown
S-Band Transponder
the server process reads backups from or write backups to a third-party media manager
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(Askeri) özel bot timi (special boat team)