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Englisch - Türkisch
sallanan sandalyenin bacağı
sallanan sandalye
(60'lı yıllarda) deri montlu ve motosikletli genç rakınrolcu
salıncaklı koltuk
(Tekstil) Basma butonlu anahtar
{i} sallanan at
{i} sallama düzeni
kavisli ayak
{i} kavisli paten
beşik sallayan kimse
beşik veya salıncaklı sandalye altmdaki kavisli ağaç
{i} beşik ayağı
s rocker çatlak
{i} sallanan koltuk
{i} salıncaklı sandalye
{i} (beşik veya salıncaklı sandalye altındaki) kavisli ayak
rocker arm
külbütör mili
rocker arm shaft
külbütör mili
rocker shaft and arm
rocker switch
basmalı anahtar
rocker arm
rocker shaft
külbütör mili
rocker board
denge tahtası

The labile surface should involve a rocker board.

rocker lever
rocker kolu
rocker arm adjusting screw
(Otomotiv) külbütör ayar vidası
rocker arm bush
(Otomotiv) külbütör duyu
rocker arm kit
külbütör mili kiti
rocker arm mechanism
külbütör rampası
rocker arm set spring
(Otomotiv) külbütör destek yayı
rocker arm shaft bracket
(Otomotiv) külbütör mili desteği
rocker arm shaft retainer
külbütör mili tutucusu
rocker arms
külbütör çekiçleri
rocker bearing
(Otomotiv) külbütör yatağı
rocker cover
külbütör kapağı
rocker cover
supap / külbütör kapağı
rocker lever locknut
(Otomotiv) külbütör kontra somunu
rocker panel
alt ray
rocker panel
(Otomotiv) marşbiyel
rocker shaft and arm
(İnşaat) külbütör mili ve pianosu
rocker shaft spring
(Otomotiv) supap itici mili yayı
rocker suspender
(Tekstil) askı mili
cane rocker
Sallanan sandalye
be off one's rocker
(Argo) fıttırmak
off one's rocker
off one's rocker
off one's rocker
be off one's rocker
{k} çıldırmış olmak
brush rocker
(Elektrik, Elektronik) fırça yuvası kolu
intake mid rocker arm
(Otomotiv) emme orta supap iticisi
intake rocker arm assembly
(Otomotiv) emme supap iticisi grubu
off one's rocker
seconder rocker arm
(Otomotiv) ikinci supap iticisi
Englisch - Englisch
One who rocks something
Hence, a rocking chair
Someone passionate about rock music
a member of the group of people in Britain in the 1960s who dressed in black leather, were interested in 1950s music, were predominantly racist and hated mods
A curved piece of wood attached to the bottom of a rocking chair or cradle that enables it to rock back and forth
The lengthwise curvature of a surfboard. (More rocker is a more curved board.)

All modern surfboards share a similar rocker design — Bruce Jones.

{n} a shaker, one who rocks a cradle
In canoe design, the curve of the keel line from bow to stern A straight keel line has no rocker, tracking well but lacking maneuverability A heavy rocker is exceptionally maneuverable but will not track well Moderately rockered canoes are usually straight with a rise toward the ends Most general recreation canoes have a moderate rocker
One who rocks; specifically, one who rocks a cradle
In mezzotint, a serrated cutting tool with a wide curved edge that roughens the surface of a metal plate
a performer or composer or fan of rock music
One of the curving pieces of wood or metal on which a cradle, chair, etc
A chair mounted on curved blades which permit it to rock back and forth This uniquely American piece of furniture was developed in the Colonial period
{i} rocking chair, chair built on two curved pieces of wood enabling it to rock back and forth
a teenager or young adult in the 1960s who wore leather jackets and rode motorcycles
A measure of the amount of a curve in the portion of a skate blade that touches the ice Speed skating blades have little rocker, which makes them faster but less maneuverable Hockey skates have a great deal of rocker, allowing greater maneuverability
Any implement or machine working with a rocking motion, as a trough mounted on rockers for separating gold dust from gravel, etc
is used in producing burr, or rough texture on a metal plates used in mezzotint printing
[top] The amount of upward curve at the bow and stern of the canoe
a trough on rockers used by gold miners to shake earth in water in order to separate the gold
1 A turn on one foot in which the skater changes direction but not edge, producing a trace which is a section of one circle before the turn and a section of another circle of opposite curvature after the turn The cusp of the turn points inwards from the center of the circle preceding the turn and outwards towards the center of the circle following the turn 2 Any compulsory figure consisting of three circles in which rocker turns are used to transition from the center circle to the end circles 3 The curved contour extending from the heel to toe of a skate blade
Same as Rock shaft
a chair mounted on rockers
A rocker is a chair that is built on two curved pieces of wood so that you can rock yourself backwards and forwards while you are sitting in it
a curved support that permits the supported object to rock to and fro
The amount of curvature in a wakeboard If a wakeboard has 2 inches of Rocker, then the tip and tail are 2 inches higher than the middle of the board There are two types of rocker, continuous and three-stage Continuous rocker is a smooth curve, while a board with three-stages of rocker, with a flat spot in the middle of the board
A play horse on rockers; a rocking- horse
A multi-toothed steel tool for laying mezzotint ground It is rocked across the plate many times in all directions to produce the characteristic burr top
by agitation in water
upward curvature of the keel of a boat toward bow and stern when viewed in profile On a flat surface, the bow and stern of a boat with rocker will not be resting on the surface, and the boat can "rock" (pitch) like a rocking chair On a boat with no rocker, a side view of the keel forms a perfectly straight line
an ice skate with a curved blade
a curved support that permits the supported object to rock to and fro an ice skate with a curved blade a trough on rockers used by gold miners to shake earth in water in order to separate the gold a teenager or young adult in the 1960s who wore leather jackets and rode motorcycles a performer or composer or fan of rock music an attendant who rocks a child in a cradle
A rocker is someone who performs rock music. American rockers Guns 'N' Roses
Upward curvature of the keel line from the center toward the ends of a boat Lots of rocker means quick, easy turns
an attendant who rocks a child in a cradle
A chair mounted on rockers; a rocking- chair
A skate with a curved blade, somewhat resembling in shape the rocker of a cradle
rocker arm
A lever located on a fulcrum or shaft, one end on the valve stem and the other either on the push rod or directly on the camshaft lobes As the camshaft rotates, the arms rock on their fulcrums causing the valves to open and close
rocker arm
a lever pivoted at the center; used especially to push a valve down in an internal-combustion engine
rocker arm
A curved lever that pivots in the middle One end is attached to the top of the valve stem In overhead-valve engines the other end is attached to the push rod In some overhead-cam engines the other end is attached directly to the camshaft lobe As the camshaft rotates, the rocker arms pivot causing the valves to open and close Also see ball joint rocker arm and high lift rocker arms
rocker arm
A pivoted lever used in an internal combustion engine to transfer cam or pushrod motion to a valve stem
rocker arm
Pivoted mechanism that operates valves
rocker arm
These are pivoting levers that transfer the movement caused from the rotating lobes of the camshaft to the opening and closing intake and exhaust valves
rocker arm cover
(Otomotiv) A metal lid located on top of the cylinder head on cars that have valves activated by an overhead cam or rocker arms
rocker arms
(Otomotiv) Curved levers, each of which has one end attached to a push rod and the other end attached to a valve stem in order to make the valves open and close in response to the pressure of the cam lobes on the spinning camshaft. Cars with overhead cams don't always require rocker arms, because the valve stems may contact the cam lobes directly
rocker cam
A cam on a rockshaft
rocker panel
One of the sections of body paneling in a vehicle, such as an automobile, lying beneath the passenger compartment
glam rocker
A follower of this type of music
glam rocker
A musician who performs glam rock
off one's rocker
Crazy; insane

He's off his rocker if he thinks he can tackle the whole thing alone.

punk rocker
A person who produces music associated with or subscribes to the lifestyle of punk rock music that originated in the 1970s; a punker
off your rocker
(deyim) Crazy, not rational, around the bend. "You gave away your piano? You're off your rocker!"
Boston rocker
A rocking chair having a high back with spindles, a decorative panel at the top, and a seat and arms that curve downward in front
boston rocker
a rocking chair that has a high spindle back and a decorative top panel
he is off his rocker
he is nuts, he is crazy, he is not normal
off his rocker
flipped out, crazy, nuts
platform rocker
rocking chair on a stationary base
punk rocker
A performer or follower of punk rock music
punk rocker
a teenager or young adult who is a performer (or enthusiast) of punk rock and a member of the punk youth subculture
plural of rocker
originally a British youth subculture that evolved out of the teddy boys in the 1960s; wore black leather jackets and jeans and boots; had greased hair and rode motorcycles and listened to rock'n'roll; were largely unskilled manual laborers



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    /ˈräkər/ /ˈrɑːkɜr/


    [ 'rä-k&r ] (noun.) 1760. From the verb to rock + -er

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