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Englisch - Türkisch
sağlık veren
güç/sağlık veren ilaç
{s} (sağlık, güç v.b.'ni) yeniden kazandıran
{s} kuvvet verici
(Tıp) Ayıltıcı ilaç, kuvvet ilacı, mukavvi
güçlendirici gıda
{s} canlandırıcı
onaran ve düzelten
{i} iyileştirici yiyecek
{s} eski durumuna getiren
{i} insana güç verip canlandıran/insanı dirilten madde
{i} ayıltıcı ilaç
{i} kuvvet şurubu
iyi hale koyan
restorative justice
Onarıcı adalet: Suçtan doğan mağduriyetin giderilmesini ve aynı zamanda suç failinin gerçekleştirmiş olduğu hukuka aykırı eyleminden doğan zararı tamir etmesi suretiyle bozulan toplumsal barışın yeniden tesisini amaçlayan adalet anlayışı
restorative, tonic
Tonik restoratif
Englisch - Englisch
Of or pertaining to restoring

After a long day working in the fields Clarance took comfort in a restorative pint of beer.

Something believed to have restoring properties
An alcoholic drink, especially with tonic
{a} able to recruit life
{n} a medicin to restore vigor
To return to as close to normal conditions as possible
{s} serving to restore, bringing back to a previous condition; restoring health or strength
tending to impart new life and vigor to; "the renewing warmth of the sunshine"
a medicine that strengthens and invigorates
promoting recuperation; "recuperative powers"; "strongly recuperative remedies"; "restorative effects of exercise"
an agent that is effective in the regaining of health and strength; restores normal physiological activity
a device for treating injury or disease
Strengthens and revives the body system
A medicine or other agent that helps to restore health, strength, or consciousness
Something that is restorative makes you feel healthier, stronger, or more cheerful after you have been feeling tired, weak, or miserable. She opened the door to her bedroom, thinking how restorative a hot bath would feel tonight
If you describe something as a restorative, you mean that it makes you feel healthier, stronger, or more cheerful after you have been feeling tired, weak, or miserable. Seven days off could be a wonderful restorative. making you feel healthier or stronger
{i} something that serves to restore, something that brings back to a previous condition
Of or pertaining to restoration; having power to restore
Something which serves to restore; especially, a restorative medicine
restorative justice
Any of several forms of justice that attempts to repair the harm done to the victim, sometimes by making the offender make restitution
restorative justice
Restorative justice is commonly known as a theory of criminal justice that focuses on crime as an act against another individual or community rather than the state. The victim plays a major role in the process and may receive some type of restitution from the offender. Today, however, "Restorative justice is a broad term which encompasses a growing social movement to institutionalize peaceful approaches to harm, problem-solving and violations of legal and human rights. These range from international peacemaking tribunals such as the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission to innovations within our criminal justice system, schools, social services and communities. Rather than privileging the law, professionals and the state, restorative resolutions engage those who are harmed, wrongdoers and their affected communities in search of solutions that promote repair, reconciliation and the rebuilding of relationships. Restorative justice seeks to build partnerships to reestablish mutual responsibility for constructive responses to wrongdoing within our communities. Restorative approaches seek a balanced approach to the needs of the victim, wrongdoer and community through processes that preserve the safety and dignity of all" [Suffolk University, College of Arts & Sciences, Center for Restorative Justice]
a restorative
{n} refective
A restorative
in a manner that restores to a previous condition; in a manner that restores health or strength
In a restorative manner
plural of restorative



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