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rei vindicatio
(Kanun) (Latince) İstihkak davası
rei vindicatio
(Kanun) (Latince - Hukuk) El atmanın, sataşmanın önlenmesi, muaraza ve müdahalenin men'i; istihhkak davası
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A portuguese money of account, in value about one tenth of a cent
A command to bow
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bow Ren-Geri: consecutive kicks
Bow, the command to bow The formal gesture of respect and gratitude used by Aikido practitioners
bow, salute
(ray) salutation, bow
to bow, perform a salutation Also refers generally to the etiquette and an attitude of respect
a bow - see image below
Proper bowing
friendly, one who maintained true allegiance to king David (1 Kings 1: 8) when Adonijah rebelled
Pendant ornament (Barrow, 118 )
a bow of respect Mental preparedness is required from the start to the finish of the bow If bowing to the shomen, the bow angle should be 30 degrees The back should be kept as straight as possible when bowing If bowing to an opponent, then an angle of 15 degrees should be used; maintaining eye contact at all times The feeling of respect for one's opponent must be maintained at all times
Rational Emotive Imagery - A technique of visualization of events to experience and practice emotions and behaviors
To bow
Bow, the formal gesture of respect used by Aikido and other budo practioners Also the command given at the commencement of training
cognate with the Hawaiian term lei, necklace of flowers
"Respect" A method of showing respect in Japanese culture is the Bow It is proper for the junior person bows lower than the senior person
(Ray) A command to bow
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'Respect', synonymous for the bowing to show respect Tradition dictates that the junior person or the person with the lower degree or the person who is a guest bows lower than the other person
salutation, bow
Rei has a wide meaning and can mean bowing, respect, manners, propriety, decorum, etiquette, ceremony, or ritual In kyudo, Rei is often used in a general way to refer to the proper shooting ceremonial and all of the specific actions included within it, such as the proper ways of walking, bowing, approaching and retiring from the target, and entering and leaving the shooting area
greeting, bow, respect
rei vindicatio
(Kanun) Rei vindicatio is a legal action by which the plaintiff demands that the defendant return a thing that belongs to the plaintiff. It may only be used when plaintiff owns the thing, and the defendant is somehow impeding the plaintiff's possession of the thing. The term originated in ancient Rome