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A conditional provision to an agreement
a clause in a contract, will, etc., by which its operation is rendered conditional
{n} a stipulation, provision, caution, grant
A clause in a bill that sets out specific exceptions to the general law
A clause used in the executive budget bill to specify a particular use of a portion of an amount appropriated to a broad program
{i} condition in legal document, stipulation, restriction
language that qualifies or restricts a specific appropriation
that in any case where sickness benefit is, or may subsequently prove to have been, receivable in respect of the first three days of any sickness, the amount of benefit receivable shall be deducted from such pay only if such benefit has in fact been received in respect of any such period of three days Return to main document
A proviso is a condition in an agreement. You agree to do something if this condition is fulfilled. I told Norman I would invest in his venture as long as he agreed to one proviso. provisos a condition that you ask for before you will agree to something with the proviso that
An article or clause in any statute, agreement, contract, grant, or other writing, by which a condition is introduced, usually beginning with the word provided; a conditional stipulation that affects an agreement, contract, law, grant, or the like; as, the contract was impaired by its proviso
A conditional stipulation
a stipulated condition; "he accepted subject to one provision"
proviso quod
It being provided that

if the plaintife or demandaunt desist in prosecuting an action, by bringing it to a triall, the defendant or tenent may take out the venire facias to the Shyreeue: which hath in it these words, Prouiso quod, &c.; to this ende, that if the plaintife take out any writ to that purpose, the shyreeue shall summon but one Iurie vpon them both.

A proviso
Wilmot Proviso
(1846) Proposal in the U.S. Congress to prohibit the extension of slavery to the territories. Offered by Rep. David Wilmot (1814-68) as an amendment to a bill that purchased territory from Mexico, it prohibited slavery in the new territory. The proviso provoked a national debate that reflected the growing sectional discord between North and South. Despite repeated attempts, the Wilmot Proviso was never passed by both houses of Congress. Nevertheless, the principle became a basic tenet of the Republican Party



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    /prəˈvīzō/ /prəˈvaɪzoʊ/


    [ pr&-'vI-(")zO ] (noun.) 15th century. From Latin proviso (“it being provided”), ablative singular neuter of provisus, past participle of providere (“to provide”); see provide.

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