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to signify; to denote

Let it be known that the Rapture portends the End of Days.

to serve as a warning or omen

A kingdom they portend thee, but what kingdom, / Real or allegoric, I discern not; Nor when: eternal sure--as without end, - John Milton, Paradise Lost.

to indicate as being about to happen, especially by previous signs
{v} to betoken, denote, foreshow
If something portends an event or occurrence, it indicates that it is likely to happen in the future. The change did not portend a basic improvement in social conditions. to be a sign that something is going to happen, especially something bad (portendere , from tendere )
as in future; to foreshow; to foretoken; to bode; now used esp
indicate by signs; "These signs bode bad news"
{f} foretell, foreshadow (esp. a bad event); serve as a warning sign
To stretch out before
of unpropitious signs
To indicate events, misfortunes, etc
past of portend
present participle of portend
third-person singular of portend