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Englisch - Türkisch
kendini Allaha adama
Allaha karşı hürmet; kendini Allaha adama; dindarlık; takva; ana babaya hürmet; dindarca davranış
ana babaya hurmet
{i} saygı

Birinin adını daha sonraki kuşaklarda yükseltmek ve böylece birinin ebeveynlerini övmek, bu anne babaya saygının en büyük ifadesidir. - To raise one's name in later generations and thereby glorify one's parents, this is the greatest expression of filial piety.

{i} sevgi
{i} Tanrıya hürmet
Allaha karşı hürmet
filial piety
anne babaya saygı
Englisch - Englisch
reverence and devotion to God

Colleen's piety led her to make sacrifices that most people would not have made.

a devout act or thought
similar reverence to one's parents and family
{n} duty to GOD or to parents
righteousness by virtue of being pious
Piety is from the Latin [pietas] meaning dutifulness In Theological terms it means dutifulness to God, as in being devout in having reverential commitment to the Lord, which is expressed in the Christian life The virtue of acting in devotion, duty, and worship to God, is called Piety [back] Pneumatology Pneumatology is from the Greek [numa] meaning breath (and by extension Spirit), and [logos] meaning word or discourse In Theological terms, it is the discourse or study of the Holy Spirit of God It encompasses the study of His person, work, gifts, and ministry The Spirit of God being manifested in many ways including teaching (John 14: 26), restraining sin (Genesis 6: 3, 20: 6), Revelation (matthew 11: 27), and interceding (Romans 8: 26), Pneumatology is the study of these things [back]
similar reverence to ones parents and family
n Reverence for the Supreme Being, based upon His supposed resemblance to man
{i} devoutness, orthodoxy; religiousness, piousness
insincere attitude
Veneration or reverence of the Supreme Being, and love of his character; loving obedience to the will of God, and earnest devotion to his service
Duty; dutifulness; filial reverence and devotion; affectionate reverence and service shown toward parents, relatives, benefactors, country, etc
Gift of The Holy Spirit
Piety is strong religious belief, or behaviour that is religious or morally correct. when you behave in a way that shows respect for your religion pious (piété, from pietas, from pius; PIOUS)
filial piety
Respect owed to one's parents and ancestors
filial piety
devotion and honor to parents and ancestors (especially as the ultimate virtue in Confucianism)
plural of piety
disapproval You refer to statements about what is morally right as pieties when you think they are insincere or unrealistic. politicians who constantly intone pieties about respect for the rule of law