pick on

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Englisch - Türkisch
(deyim) pick on someone [kd] durmadan kusur bulup azarlamak; alay vb. icin birini secmek,alay etmek
uğraşmak (biriyle)

Bir tane seçmek zorundasın. - You have to pick one.

Onlardan birini seçmek zorundayım. - I have to pick one of them.

(suçlayacak adam) bulmak

Bir tane seçmek zorundasın. - You have to pick one.

Henüz birini seçtin mi? - Did you pick one yet?

kusur bulmak
(Fiili Deyim ) boyuna kusur bulup azarlamak

Birine sataşmak istiyorsan, bana sataş. - If you want to pick on somebody, pick on me.

k.dili. ... ile uğraşmak, -e kötü davranmak
Englisch - Englisch
To bully, harass or make fun of a victim; to bother or harass

Hey! Quit picking on your brother.

If someone picks on a particular person or thing, they choose them, for example for special attention or treatment. When you have made up your mind, pick on a day when you will not be under much stress = pick
If someone picks on you, they repeatedly criticize you unfairly or treat you unkindly. Bullies pick on younger children
harass, tease, annoy; nag, criticize; choose
pick on