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A short form of the female given names Philippa and Philomena
A short form of the male given name Philip
A male given name, contraction of Philip
study of human thought, study of the nature of being
An abbreviation used for the book of Philippians, an epistle in the New Testament of the Bible
lover, dear, friend
Phil Silvers
orig. Philip Silversmith born May 11, 1912, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. died Nov. 1, 1985, Los Angeles, Calif. U.S. actor and comedian. He began his career as a boy singer in vaudeville and a comedian in burlesque. After making his film debut in 1940, he appeared as comic relief in many feature films. He acted on Broadway in High Button Shoes (1947-50) and starred in Top Banana (1951-52, Tony Award; film, 1954). He is best remembered for his role as Sgt. Bilko in the television series The Phil Silvers Show (1955-59; originally known as You'll Never Get Rich), for which he won several Emmy Awards. He appeared in the film version of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966) and its Broadway revival (1972, Tony Award). His popularity stemmed in part from his highly recognizable grin, horn-rimmed glasses, and catchphrases
Phil Spector
a US record producer and songwriter, who had an important influence on pop music in the 1960s. He developed a style called the "wall of sound", which was used as a background for groups such as The Crystals and The Ronettes (1940- )
Phil. I
Philippine Islands
Phil. Is
Philippine Islands
Variant of philo-
D Phil
D Phil D Phils in AM, use D. Phil.D Phil is an abbreviation for Doctor of Philosophy. the abbreviation of Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy a university degree of a very high level, which involves doing advanced research = PhD

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    /ˈfəl/ /ˈfɪl/


    (abbreviation.) Shortened from Philip, a Biblical name from Ancient Greek .

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