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Unusual, unconventional, not ordinary

He has such an offbeat sense of humor that hardly anyone finds his jokes amusing.

An unconventional person, someone who does not follow the beat, who chooses not to conform

In addition to creating a web of stories that will be passed through many generations, these offbeats usually strengthen the fiber of their particular hobby.

The beats not normally accented in a measure

The congregation clapped along on the offbeat.

{s} not coinciding with the regular beat (Music); unusual (Slang); unconventional (Slang)
informal terms; strikingly unconventional
The second "half" of a beat (which might actually be shorter than half a beat in a swing rhythm)
Refers to the weaker beats For example, beats 2 and 4 in standard 4/4 time Backbeat
If you describe something or someone as offbeat, you think that they are different from normal. a wickedly offbeat imagination. = unconventional. unusual and not what people normally expect, especially in an interesting way
An imaginary beat placed halfway between two beats If you were tapping your feet, the upbeat would occur when your toe reached its highest point off the ground
plural of offbeat