number one

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First; foremost; best

Commuting to work is the number one reason to own a car.

the single that has sold the most in a given period
Urine; urination
The main goalkeeper of a team, so-called because they wear the number 1 on the back of their kit
oneself, being considered foremost, as by an egoist
the most important person, notably who is in charge
Number one means better, more important, or more popular than anything else of its kind. The economy is the number one issue by far By the way, I'm your number-one fan
In popular music, the number one is the best selling CD in any one week, or the group or person who has made that CD. Paula is the only artist to achieve four number ones from a debut album
`take care of number one' means to put your own interests first
a reference to yourself or myself etc
best, unmatched, cream of the crop
number one with a bullet
superlative; impossible to beat
number one candidate
contestant which has the best chance of winning
number one enemy
strongest enemy, most hated enemy
number one spot on the list
first place on the list
Christmas number one
the single at the top of the singles charts on Christmas Day (25 December)
have one's number on it
Te be destined for someone

I'll catch that fish. It has my number on it.

look out for number one
To act in one's own interests; to act in a manner advantageous primarily to oneself
lose the number of one's mess
to die, to perish

Shore folk think sailors are heartless, and that when a poor chap is lost overboard, they only say that So-and-so has lost the number of his mess! and, after having an auction over his kit in the fo'c's'le, then dismiss him from their memory! — J.C. Hutcheson, Fritz and Eric, 1880.

the number one
{n} unit
look out for number one
take care of yourself and your interests first
take care of number one
take care of oneself, look out for one's own interests
number one


    num·ber one

    Türkische aussprache

    nʌmbır hwʌn


    /ˈnəmbər ˈhwən/ /ˈnʌmbɜr ˈhwʌn/


    [ 'n&m ] (adjective.) 14th century. Middle English nomen, from past participle of nimen to take; more at NIM.


    ... I think the number one most important tip is really ...
    ... of this treaty several decades ago. And it say, number one, all nations that don't currently ...

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