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(Tıp) Ben
{i} ben [(Anatomi) ]
(isim) ben [anat.]
(Tıp) selim yapılı deri tümörü
spider nevus
spider nevus
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Definition von nevus im Türkisch Türkisch wörterbuch

(Osmanlı Dönemi) f. Yenilik
Çeşit, cins, tür
(Osmanlı Dönemi) neve âit ve ilgili, çeşit, sınıf, cins
Yalın ve samimi gazelleriyle tanınmış XVı. yüzyıl Divan şairi
Englisch - Englisch
A general term referring to a number of different, usually benign, pigmented lesions of the skin

Most birthmarks and moles fall into the category of nevi.

a blemish on the skin formed before birth
A mole or birthmark
n (NEE-vus) Small, dark, sometimes raised growth on human skin Also called a mole
Mole; small, flat, usually pigmented benign tumor made up of specific cells called nevus cells; found in skin and eye tissue
(NEE-vus): A benign growth on the skin, such as a mole A mole is a cluster of melanocytes and surrounding supportive tissue that usually appears as a tan, brown, or flesh-colored spot on the skin The plural of nevus is nevi (NEE-vye)
new growth of skin, usually containing nerve elements; also congenital dilation of blood vessels in part of skin
Medical term for a spot on the skin, such as a mole A mole is a cluster of melanocytes that usually appears as a dark spot on the skin
The commonly used medical term for a mole (the plural is nevi); birthmarks are also called nevus or nevi
{i} congenital deviation of the skin, pigmented patch of skin, birthmark, mole (Medicine)