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Atlıkarınca saat dönüşü yönünde döner. - The merry-go-round rotates clockwise.

atlı karınca
Englisch - Englisch
carousel; a pleasure ride consisting of a slowly revolving circular platform affixed with various types of seats, frequently horses or other animals, typically found at fairs and amusement parks
a piece of playground equipment in the style of a merry-go-round
A dead-end search
A merry-go-round is a large circular platform at a fairground on which there are model animals or vehicles for people to sit on or in as it turns round
a never-ending cycle of activities and events (especially when they seem to have little purpose); "if we lose the election the whole legislative merry-go-round will have to start over
You can refer to a continuous series of activities as a merry-go-round. a merry-go-round of teas, fetes, musical events and the like
a merry-go-round
merry go round
carousel, children's ride that goes round and round