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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} el yazısı

Yayın yönetmeni el yazısı kitaba baktı. - The editor glanced over the manuscript.

Bu el yazısı okunaksız. - This manuscript is illegible.

{i} el yazması

Cumaya kadar el yazmasını tamamlayabilir misiniz? - Can you manage to complete the manuscript by Friday?

O, yeni oyununun el yazmasını bana gösterdi. - He showed me the manuscript of his new play.

{i} müsvedde

1935'de bir yazar, annesi tarafından sağlanan fonla bir şiir kitabı yayımlattı. İthaf yazısında, onun kitap müsveddesini kabul etmeyen tüm editörlere teşekkür etti. - In 1935 a writer published a book of poetry with funds provided by his mother. In the dedication he thanked all the editors who had rejected his manuscript.

Müsveddeme hızla göz attı. - He quickly scanned my manuscript.

el yazma

Tom çabucak el yazmasına göz attı. - Tom quickly scanned the manuscript.

O, yeni oyununun el yazmasını bana gösterdi. - He showed me the manuscript of his new play.

el yazması kitap

Tom el yazmamın hatalarını düzeltti. - Tom proofread my manuscript.

Tom çabucak el yazmasına göz attı. - Tom quickly scanned the manuscript.

el yazması doküman
{i} el yazması metin

Doctor James Mortimer cebimde bir el yazması metin var dedi. - I have a manuscript in my pocket, Doctor James Mortimer said.

(Basın) taslak

Taslak elle yazılmıştı. - The manuscript had been written out by hand.

(Kimya) el ile yazılmış metin
manuscript preparation
metin hazırlama
manuscript book
el yazması kitap
manuscript card
el yazması kartı
manuscript catalogue
el yazması katalog
manuscript copy
elyazması kopyası
manuscript deposition
el yazması biriktirme
manuscript edition
el yazması baskı
manuscript note
el yazması nota
manuscript plan
Makalenin planı
manuscript, script
el yazması, script
manuscript map
(Askeri) BASKIYA HAZIR HARİTA: Bak. "map compilation"
manuscript map
(Askeri) baskıya hazır harita
hand written, manuscript
el, el yazması yazılmış
yazma eser
Englisch - Englisch
A book, composition or any other document, (type)written by hand, not mechanically reproduced
Which is handwritten, or by extension typewritten, as opposed to mechanical reproduction
A single, original copy of a book, article, composition etc, written by hand or even printed, submitted as original for (copy-editing and) reproductive publication
{n} a written book, written copy, copy
A book, article etc, written by hand or typewritten, submitted for publication
A document or a copy of an original writing
Handwritten or typewritten copies of an author's work before they are printed
{s} written by hand
A handwritten or typed composition, rather than printed Includes groups of personal papers which have some unifying characteristic and individual documents which have some special importance
The typed version of your book
A handwritten or typed document A typed document is more precisely called a typescript [SAA]
the form of a literary work submitted for publication
A handwritten or typed composition, rather than printed
{i} written composition or document; author's text to be submitted for publication
manuscripts are usually unpublished family histories or collections of family papers Depending on what the manuscript contains, you may be able to find all kinds of family information Generally, you will find more than just names, birth dates, and death dates
a handwritten or typed composition, which is not published
the work as prepared by the author Although the word may suggest handwriting, handwritten manuscripts are seldom considered for publication anymore The manuscript is the author's typewritten or electronic printed version of the work
A handwritten copy of a book Abbreviated MS (Plural is MSS)
The book in typewritten or word processing form
literally, a paper written by hand; in this text, any paper handed in for a grade
An author's written material ready for the final stages of production (editing, copyediting, etc )
A writer's work before it is typeset and printed; originally "hand written," as the word implies, now it is likely to be produced on a word processing program
An author's original form of work (hand written, typed or on disk) submitted for publication
Writing, as opposed to print; as, the book exists only in manuscript
A handwritten or typed composition, rather than printed Some databases list manuscripts by the abbreviation "mss "
Written with or by the hand; not printed; as, a manuscript volume
a book (or other document) that is written by hand, as opposed to being mechanically or electronically reproduced Abbreviated ms , plural mss
An unpublished version of a text, often an author's own copy
the form of a literary work submitted for publication handwritten book or document
A written or typewritten work, which the typesetter follows as a guide in setting copy to top
The handwritten copy of an author's work before it is printed; also includes groups of personal papers which have some unifying characteristic and individual documents which have some special importance
A manuscript is a handwritten or typed document, especially a writer's first version of a book before it is published. He had seen a manuscript of the book I am grateful to him for letting me read his early chapters in manuscript
a writers document of a novel, non-fiction book, screenplay or article
The raw copy for a book or magazine article (either handwritten or computer-generated) before it is edited and typeset
An author's original form of work (hand written, typed or on disk) submitted for publication
The typescript of a written work It should ALWAYS be typed or printed, never handwritten
A book, or any other document, written by hand
From the Latin manu scriptus, meaning "written by hand " Both an adjective and a noun used to describe a method of production and its product: a book, letter, document, etc written by hand, usually on parchment, paper, or papyrus Use in distinction to CODEX to denote a component item making up part of a COMPOSITE MANUSCRIPT CODEX As a noun, not applied to writing as inscribed on clay, stone, etc , nor properly to items such as typescripts, mimeographs, or other mechanical or electronic means of substitution for handwriting
A literary or musical composition written with the hand, as distinguished from a printed copy
handwritten book or document
manuscript paper
paper with blank printed staves for writing music
illuminated manuscript
Handwritten book decorated with gold or silver, brilliant colours, elaborate designs, or miniature paintings. "Illumination" originally denoted embellishment of text with gold or silver, which gave the impression that the page had been literally illuminated. In the Middle Ages those who "historiated" (illustrated texts with paintings) were differentiated from those who "illuminated" (embellished the initial capital letters with gold leaf or powder). Today the term denotes the illustration and decoration of early manuscripts in general, whether or not with gold. With the development of printing in Europe in the 15th century, illumination was superseded by printed illustrations
in manuscript
written by hand
plural of manuscript
Documents or written compositions, such as letters or diaries, which have not been printed Often, an author's written (or typed) original "copy" as distinguished from a printed or published version of the same material
ancient (or modern) texts "written by hand"; often copies of copies of copies, with significant differences Print Editions - printed copies; made after the invention of printing by Johannes Gutenberg in 1456
Within this Directory the term manuscript refers to documents that are unpublished They may be hand-written or in typescript
A grouping of documents created or accumulated by an individual or family, usually having historical or literary value or significance
are documents (in any format) accumulated, collected, and/or generated by a private individual(s) and subsequently donated to or acquired by a repository to ensure their retention and public accessibility "Manuscripts" include personal papers with organic unity, artificial subject collections of documents acquired from diverse sources, and individual documents acquired and retained by a repository for their potential research use Manuscripts may be differentiated from archives in that they are informal records, privately acquired and maintained for their subject matter content Manuscript collections are often described as "personal" or "private" papers The term "manuscript collection" may also refer to records brought together for a specific purpose by a repository or a collector
Individual documents or groups of records having historical value or significance that are not "official records" of university departments or offices These include personal papers (written or typewritten), individual documents of special importance, collections of documents, and the records of non-university organizations
These are copies made by hand by ancient scribes, of the original Scriptures A few Old Testament manuscripts are as follows: The Aleppo CodexThe Cairo Codex of the ProphetsThe Leningrad CodexA few New Testament manuscripts are as follows: The Chester Beatty PapyriCodex BezaeCodex Ephraemi RescriptusCodex SinaiticusCodex Vaticanus
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{k} MSs



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    /ˈmanyəˌskrəpt/ /ˈmænjəˌskrɪpt/


    [ man-y&-"skript ] (adjective.) 1597. 1597, from Medieval Latin manuscriptum (“writing by hand”), from Latin manu (ablative of manus (“hand”)) + scriptus (past participle of scribere (“to write”)), calqued from a word of Germanic origin, compare Middle High German hantschrift, hantgeschrift (c. 1450, “manuscript”), Old English handġewrit (before 1150, “what is written by hand, deed, contract, manuscript”), Old Norse handrit (before 1300, “manuscript”).


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