lay bare

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to expose to view, reveal, uncover

The central and centralized, imperial governments, guided by the big interests of the country, induced in their unfortunate subjects this last pestilential epidemic of military mania by means of a persistent course of direct and indirect suggestion in which the conditions of normal and abnormal suggestibility were specially emphasized, laying bare the social subconscious, stimulating in it the fear of invasion and attack by neighboring nations, stirring up the impulse of self-preservation, rousing the entranced, hypnotized mind of the populace to a frenzy of self-defense, while the junkers, the officers, the soldiers, the professors, the journalists of the middle-classes were entranced with beatific visions of world-dominion.

to make bare; strip

And laid those proud roofs bare to summer's rain. --Byron.

to expose or clarify something
{f} tell one's innermost thoughts or feelings, "pour one's heart out", reveal one's emotions
lay bare

    Türkische aussprache

    ley ber


    /ˈlā ˈber/ /ˈleɪ ˈbɛr/


    [ 'lA ] (verb.) before 12th century. lay + bare

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