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Englisch - Türkisch
kemikte bulunan boşluk
(Dilbilim) Bir dilde bir kelimenin bulunmaması durumu
(lacune) boşluk, aralık, boş yer, eksiklik
(Tıp) n (lacunae). kemikte bulunan boşluk, delik, çukur, lakuna
boş yer
{i} aralık
{ç} --e (lıkyu'ni)/--s (lıkyu'nız)
(Diş Hekimliği) aralık, boşluk, çöküntü, girinti; bir defekt. Dişhekimliğinde, sementoblast içeren boşluklara denir
{i} eksiklik
bitki ve hayvan dokularındaki hücrelerarasl boşluk
{i} boşluk
superego lacuna
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) süperego boşlukları
Englisch - Englisch
An absent part, especially in a book or other piece of writing, often referring to an ancient manuscript or similar
A small opening; a small pit or depression; a small blank space; a gap or vacancy; a hiatus
A language gap, which occurs when there is no direct translation in the target language for a lexical term found in the source language
A space visible between cells, allowing free passage of light
(Dilbilim) A lexical gap or lacuna is an absence of a word in a particular language. Types of lexical gaps include untranslatability and missing inflections
a blank gap or missing part
an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling or dome
a gap; defect; loss
a gap
lacuna (lat ), pl : lacunae gap, interstice, cavity
Inner space of a hollow culm; syn pith cavity
If you say that there is a lacuna in something such as a document or a person's argument, you mean that it does not deal with an important issue and is therefore not effective or convincing. lacunae lacunas a place where something is missing in a piece of writing
A small opening; a small depression or cavity; a space, as a vacant space between the cells of plants, or one of the spaces left among the tissues of the lower animals, which serve in place of vessels for the circulation of the body fluids, or the cavity or sac, usually of very small size, in a mucous membrane
\luh-KYOO-nuh\, noun; plural lacunae \luh-KYOO-nee\ or lacunas: 1 A blank space; a missing part; a gap 2 (Biology) A small opening, depression, or cavity in an anatomical structure
A gap or missing part of a text Can be on papyrus or stone
A gap or a missing portion in a manuscript This is usually due to the deterioration of the manuscript over time
Plural lacunae From Latin lacuna, gap, pool, cavern With reference to manuscripts, it means to be defective for a portion of the text (usually short) Notice that a lacuna always refers to a portion of a manuscript which has been lost (due to the disappearance of leaves or the effects of water or trimming or whatever); it should not be used to refer to a section of the text which never was found in a manuscript The adjective lacunose may refer to a manuscript with many lacunae
{i} missing piece, empty space, gap; cavity, depression, small opening (Anatomy); lexical gap, lack of a word in a specific language (Linguistics)
howship lacuna
(Anatomi) A groove or cavity usually containing osteoclasts that occurs in bone which is undergoing reabsorption
howship's lacuna
(Anatomi) A groove or cavity usually containing osteoclasts that occurs in bone which is undergoing reabsorption
A lacuna
plural of lacuna
plural of lacuna