laçka etmek

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Türkisch - Englisch
slack up
1. (Denizcilik) to let (a rope, an anchor) go, cast; to cast off (a line); to slacken or untie (a rope). 2. to cause (a screw, a machine part) to get loose or to develop some play. 3. (Konuşma Dili) to make (a part of one's body) feel or go limp or flaccid. 4. (Konuşma Dili) to cause (a place) to stop running efficiently/properly; to cause (a system) to stop working properly. 5. (Konuşma Dili) to cause (someone) to stop putting forth an effort. 6. (Konuşma Dili) to cause (someone) to let his principles slide. 7. (Konuşma Dili) to cause (a relationship, a situation) to become marked by a lack of principle
slack off
let go
laçka etmek