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Disagreeable or troublesome by reason of long continuance or repetition; bothersome; annoying; irritating; wearisome; tedious

He has this irksome habit of racing up to red lights, so he has to brake heavily.

If something is irksome, it irritates or annoys you. the irksome regulations. = tiresome. annoying
so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness; "a boring evening with uninteresting people"; "the deadening effect of some routine tasks"; "a dull play"; "his competent but dull performance"; "a ho-hum speaker who couldn't capture their attention"; "what an irksome task the writing of long letters is"- Edmund Burke; "tedious days on the train"; "the tiresome chirping of a cricket"- Mark Twain; "other people's dreams are dreadfully wearisome"
Wearisome; tedious; disagreeable or troublesome by reason of long continuance or repetition; as, irksome hours; irksome tasks
{s} annoying, irritating, frustrating; tiresome
Weary; vexed; uneasy
irksome task
tedious assignment, annoying job
In an irksome manner; tediously
{a} tedious, tiresome, troublesome
in an annoying manner; in a tiresome manner
The state of being irksome; vexatiousness; tediousness; wearisomeness
{i} quality of being irritating, quality of being annoying; tediousness