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this is said of lexicalized isotopies whose sememes alternate in sequences or chains that are at a lower level than the dimension of the period
An analog video signal consisting of alternating odd and even fields The two fields are superimposed to create a single frame See also interlaced odd and interlaced even
Interlaced images are displayed progressively GIF images on the web for example can be designed in this way so that they appear like Venetian blinds giving the end user an idea of the picture before it is fully downloaded
An image sensor that gathers its data by first processing the odd lines and then the even lines See also Progressive Scan
A method of refreshing the image on a monitor Instead of refreshing the entire image (non-interlaced), an interlaced monitor refreshes the odd-numbered scan lines first, then refreshes the even-numbered scan lines on the second pass This reduces the amount of new information that has to be passed on each sweep, but causes almost unnoticeable flicker, that can result in eye fatigue
{s} interwoven, crisscrossed as if woven together; intertwined, mingled together
The method of displaying images on television monitors using fields of odd and even lines that oscillate back and forth
or noninterlaced: Interlacing is a technique that enables a monitor to have more resolution, but it reduces the monitor's reaction speed
A system of video scanning where odd- and even-numbered lines of a TV picture are transmitted consecutively as two separate interleaved fields Interlace is a form of compression and has been used for decades in analog (NTSC) TV
having a pattern of fretwork or latticework
A procedure that displays an image in coarse form first, followed by finer detail This allows you to get an idea about an image without having to display the entire image first
An interlaced display is one where each complete image shown on a monitor’s display is drawn in two steps A non-interlaced monitor refreshes the display in a single pass A good-quality monitor is normally capable of supporting a non-interlaced display at a refresh rate of 70 Hz or more
When even lines are displayed after odd lines on a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) terminal or TV This method of displaying an image creates an irritating flutter that is visible when still images such as text are displayed Most computer displays are noninterlaced interpolation: A mathematical process used to estimate a value that lies between two known values
Short for interlaced scanning Also called line interlace A system of video scanning whereby the odd- and even-numbered lines of a picture are transmitted consecutively as two separate interleaved fields Interlace is a form of compression
Images split into lines then alternate lines transmitted using Netscape This gives the effect of the image gradually increasing in resolution
past of interlace
If things are interlaced, parts of one thing go over, under, or between parts of another. During my whole report, he sat with his eyes closed and his fingers interlaced. languid women, their flowing locks interlaced with flowers and vines. = entwined. things that are interlaced are joined together, with parts of the one thing going over or around parts of the other
A method of scanning a screen which results in alternate lines being drawn with each full pass of the electron beam The resulting display is less stable than a flicker-free non-interlaced display
a scanning pattern for monitors that scans every other row of pixels
TV/video systems in which the electron beam writes every other line, then retraces itself to make a second pass to complete the final framed image Originally, this reduced magnetic line paring, but took twice as long to paint, which added some flicker in graphic images
interlaced mode
condition of a monitor in which even and odd lines are scanned separately so that the display seems to skip
interlaced with
interwoven with, intertwined with
To cross one with another; to interweave: as, to interlace wires; hence, to mingle; to blend
To cross one another as if woven together, as interlacing branches; to intertwine; to blend intricately
A technique of improving the picture quality of a video signal primarily on CRT devices without consuming extra bandwidth
venetian blind effect which allows portions of an image to be displayed while viewers wait for the whole image to download
hold in a locking position; "He locked his hands around her neck"
The method of dividing a video frame into two fields; one made up of the odd-numbered horizontal lines, the other made up of even-numbered lines
{f} interweave, cross over and under as if woven together; intertwine, mingle together
Interlacing is a process of displaying graphic files in a non-contiguous manner, alternating rows of pixels rather than by painting pixels in sequential rows down the page With interlaced display, a rough outline of the image appears more quickly, although many people do not like the visual effect the process creates Analog television pictures are displayed this way - first all the odd numbered lines, then all the even numbered lines - to help reduce flicker in the image
Method of redrawing the screen by alternate lines
A repeating series of SSR interrogation modes The interlace pattern may be determined either on a p r p (pulse-repetition period) to p r p basis or on an antenna rotation to antenna rotation basis It may also be made on a combined p r p /antenna basis
If a graphic is interlaced, that means it will load on the screen in parts, gradually coming in in what looks like layers While an interlaced graphic loads, you can usually read the text instead of sitting there twiddling your toes, waiting
spin or twist together so as to form a cord; "intertwine the ribbons"; "Twine the threads into a rope"
(n ) A scanning standard in which alternate raster lines of a frame are displaced vertically by half the scan line pitch and displaced temporally by half the frame time, to form an odd field and an even field Also called 2: 1 interlace
(1) To distribute data in non-contiguous logical data units across disk slices
Arrangement of data in a GIF file to allow the image to be viewed (on the Web) as it is being downloaded An interlaced image displays starting with every eighth row, then every fourth, and so on, allowing more of the developing image to be "seen" than if displayed one line at a time from the top There is service on the Web that will convert your gif files to interlaced files see: http: //www vrl com/Imaging/interlace html Or use ppmtogif At NAS, use Photoshop to make interlaced GIFs Or, on the NAS system, to interlace a GIF file, use: giftopnm image gif | ppmtogif -interlaced > image-interlaced gif To convert a TIFF file to an interlaced, transparent-background GIF, try this: tifftopnm filename tiff | ppmquant -256 | ppmtogif -interlace -transparent rgbi: 1/1/1 >out gif
Storing partial data from a single graphic image in multiple sequences The purpose of interlacing is to have a partial image initially appear on screen rather than having to wait for the image to appear in its entirety With interlacing, equally spaced sets of lines from the original image are stored together, and these sets appear one on top of the other in sequence
Interlace refers to the scanning method used by the two fields that produce the single frame of information Field one scans the odd lines and field two scans the even Two types of interlacing are commonly used CCTV system cameras random, and 2 to 1 random interlacing has a random and not a defined starting point for the scan line 2 to 1 interlace has a defined starting scan point and will offer a more stable picture
[BSG] A technique of placing alternate word-pairs or word-quads of the system's physical memory (core) address space in alternate SCUs, to allow instructions accessing blocks of memory to overlap memory access The CPUs and GIOCs/IOMs were capable of doing this, by means of a queue in their Port Logic
To unite, as by lacing together; to insert or interpose one thing within another; to intertwine; to interweave
non interlaced
continuous scanning, work condition of a screen in which all of the lines are scanned



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    /ˌəntərˈlāst/ /ˌɪntɜrˈleɪst/


    [ "in-t&r-'lAs ] (verb.) 14th century. Middle English entrelacen, from Middle French entrelacer, from Old French entrelacier, from entre- inter- + lacier to lace.

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