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Too strong to be penetrated
that can not be taken by assault
{s} invulnerable, able to resist an attack; indisputable, incontestable, unbeatable; fertilizable, able to be impregnated
- a fortress that cannot be taken by force
impossible to take by storm able to withstand attack; "an impregnable fortress"; "fortifications that made the frontier inviolable
If you say that a person or group is impregnable, or their position is impregnable, you think they cannot be defeated by anyone. The Bundesbank's seemingly impregnable position has begun to weaken. = unassailable
A woman whose memory of labour is still vivid
If you describe a building or other place as impregnable, you mean that it cannot be broken into or captured. The old Dutch fort with its thick high walls looks virtually impregnable = impenetrable
A woman whose memory of labor is still vivid
Capable of being impregnated, as the egg of an animal, or the ovule of a plant
impossible to take by storm
\im-PREG-nuh-buhl\, adjective: 1 Not capable of being stormed or taken by assault; unconquerable; as, an impregnable fortress 2 Difficult or impossible to overcome or refute successfully; beyond question or criticism; as, an impregnable argument
Not to be stormed, or taken by assault; incapable of being subdued; able to resist attack; unconquerable; as, an impregnable fortress; impregnable virtue
able to withstand attack; "an impregnable fortress"; "fortifications that made the frontier inviolable"
{a} that is not to be taken, unmoved
To impregnate; to make fruitful
{i} invulnerability, ability to resist an attack, state of being unconquerable; indisputability, incontestable; capability of being fertilized (of an egg)
The quality or state of being impregnable; invincibility
having the strength to withstand attack
invincibly, unconquerably; incontestably, indisputably
in an impregnable manner; "the sight of that bland, impregnably righteous face has been enough to make their blood run cold
In an impregnable manner; in a manner to defy attack