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What the heck Kahrolsun Bana vız gelir !

Kahrolası ne söylemeye çalışıyorsun? - What in the heck are you trying to say?

cehennem olası
allah'ın belası

Yüzün BBC'nin her yerinde, Dima!Al-Sayip bağırdı. Onlar 25 adamla uyuduğunu va sonra onları öldürdüğünü söylüyorlar! Allah'ın belası bunu nasıl yaptın! - Your face is all over the BBC, Dima! Al-Sayib exclaimed. They say you slept with 25 men and then killed them! How the heck did you do that?!

şiddetli şey
{ü} argo Kahrolası
aşırı şey
heck of a
Olağanüstü, fevkalade
what the heck
(Argo) hay lanet
what the heck!
cross heck
çapraz sağlama
scare the heck out of someone
(deyim) odunu patlatmak
scare the heck out of someone
(deyim) Korkutmak
what the heck
Bkz. What the hell
what the heck
noluyor ya!
how the heck
{k} (deyim) nasil Allah askina?
what the hell/heck
{k} Boş ver!: Let's go, what the hell! Boş ver, gidelim!
what the hell/heck
{k} Neden/Niye olmasın?: What the hell, let's do it. Niye olmasın? Haydi
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What the heck are you doing?.

What the hell is that supposed to mean? - What the heck is that supposed to mean?

What the hell was that supposed to mean? - What the heck was that supposed to mean?

{ü} darn!, shoot! (mild oath expressing irritation, annoyance, etc.); hell, why not
A bend or winding of a stream
a euphemism for `hell'; "Oh what the heck"
emphasis You use the heck in expressions such as `what the heck' and `how the heck' in order to emphasize a question, especially when you are puzzled or annoyed. What the heck's that? The question was, where the heck was he?
A rack for cattle to feed at
feelings You say `what the heck' to indicate that you do not care about a bad aspect of an action or situation. What the heck, I thought, I'll give it a whirl. Used as an intensive: had a heck of a lot of money; was crowded as heck
a euphemism for `hell'; "Oh what the heck
A latticework contrivance for catching fish
feelings People sometimes say `heck!' when they are slightly irritated or surprised. Heck, if you don't like it, don't vote for him
The bolt or latch of a door
A door, especially one partly of latticework; called also heck door
emphasis People use a heck of to emphasize how big something is or how much of it there is. They're spending a heck of a lot of money The truth is, I'm in one heck of a mess
An apparatus for separating the threads of warps into sets, as they are wound upon the reel from the bobbins, in a warping machine
heck of a
hell of a, remarkable, special, extraordinary (Slang)
bleeding heck
minced oath for bleeding hell
blooming heck
blooming hell
for the heck of it
For no particular reason, just because it is fun, entertaining; for to relieve boredom

There's no big unrest; we're having a revolution just for the heck of it.

oh my heck
for "Hell" from "Oh my hell" or "Oh hell!"
the heck
Expletive used for emphasis after an interrogative word
what the heck
An intensive form of what
what the heck
{ü} what the hell!, what is going on! (expression of surprise or anger)

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    /ˈhek/ /ˈhɛk/


    [ 'hek ] (noun.) 1887. euphemism.

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    heck out, heck tick


    ... And you might ask what the heck is ...
    ... the heck you got that. ...

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