green light

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Englisch - Türkisch
yeşil ışık

Yeşil ışık ... Kırmızı ışık! - Green light... Red light!

Yayalar sadece yeşil ışıkta geçmelidirler. - The pedestrians must cross only at the green light.

(trafik lambasında) yeşil ışık
k.dili. müsaade, izin, yeşil ışık
give a green light
yeşil ışık yakmak
the green light
yeşil ışık
give green light to
yeşil ışık yakmak
give smb. the green light
izin vermek
give smb. the green light
yeşil ışık yakmak
light green
açık yeşil
Englisch - Englisch
approval, or permission to proceed

We have a green light on the project. Work starts today.

A traffic light in its green state (indicating that vehicles may proceed)

The drive home was much faster than usual; somehow we managed to hit every green light.

when a script and thus a film gets the final approval from, in most cases, a studio to proceed with making the project This is usually given once a final budget is approved, though sometimes the rewrite of a script might affect this along with a certain actor or actress agreeing to be in the project
permission to proceed with a project or to take action; "the gave the green light for construction to begin"
signal to go ahead, formal approval
green colored light which signals that it is safe to proceed; go-ahead signal
A light behind the goal cage, next to the red light, that goes on when time has expired in a period When that green light goes on, the red light is locked out, so the goal judge can't indicate a goal if it comes immediately after the period ends
a signal to proceed
green lights
Third-person singular simple present indicative form of green light
green lights
plural form of green light
To approve; to permit to proceed
gave him the green light
gave him the go-ahead
give green light
allow to start or continue an activity, give a signal allowing the start of an activity
green traffic light
green light that is one of three signal lights for regulating traffic (green indicates that it is safe to travel forward)
receive green light
be given the "go ahead
green light