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An enforcer or fighter
A fool; someone considered silly, stupid, awkward, or outlandish
A thug; a usually muscular henchman with little intelligence (also known as a 'hired goon')
Cheap or inferior cask wine
{i} hired thug; fool, idiot
an aggressive and violent young criminal
A thug; a usually muscular henchman with little intelligence (also known as a hired goon)
(GOON) A hockey term, referring specifically to a type of player whose primary function is to defend his teammates with physical violence from other goons
A player whose role is to physically and mentally intimidate the other team, and may not have many hockey skills Very similar to an enforcer who dishes out physical punishment when appropriate to opposing players who may be playing dirty Great One The Great One is none other than Wayne Gretzky Grinder A type of player known for his checking ability and work ethic; often associated with a player who is strong defensively, but who doesn't score many points
an awkward stupid person
A goon is a person who is paid to hurt or threaten people. He and the other goon began to beat me up
disapproval If you call someone a goon, you think they behave in a silly way
A player who is better known for roughness and fighting than for skillful play
A player who may lack finesse but specializes in hard hitting checks to interfere with the other team Even no-check hockey sometimes attracts goons If there are a lot of them in your league we recommend you find another league Grinding: When a puck is shot into a corner of the rink and two opposing players attempt to gain position, grinding may occur The players may have close body contact and attempt to gain control by kicking the puck or using their stick with one hand This activity may take some time with a lots of hands and legs flying - hence the term grinding
goon squad
A group of individuals serving as enforcers, bodyguards, and the like, especially persons hired for such a purpose and using violent, thuggish methods

But becoming the Spirit Father to a group of cave dwellers threatened by bandits, insurgent guerrillas and goon squads hired by greedy logging companies gives him a newfound purpose in life.

goon squads
plural form of goon squad
goon stick
An ax handle, used as an improvised weapon by train-riding hobos
Alternative spelling of goon stick
plural of goon

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    /ˈgo͞on/ /ˈɡuːn/


    [ gün ] (noun.) 1921. Shortened from gooney, from obsolete gony ("simpleton", c.1580), of unknown origin. Gony was applied by sailors to the albatross and similar big, clumsy birds (c.1839). Goon first carried the meaning "stupid person" (c.1921). * The meaning of "hired thug" (c.1938) is largely influenced by the comic strip character Alice the Goon from the Popeye series. * The "fool" sense was reinforced by the popular radio program, The Goon Show, starring Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers.

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