good and

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Very; exceptionally; utterly

he doesn't insist on the whole vegetable-meat-fish-eggs aspect of eating, saying I'll get around to that when I'm good and ready for it.

completely or thoroughly; "when I'm good and ready
good and valid
valid, effective, legally binding
for good and all
permanently, forever
well and good
Basically good, but with some shortcoming or limitation

Having 200,000 entries is all well and good, but the data will be useless unless people can find what they need.

well and good
Dispassionate acceptance of a decision etc
Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
tree in the Garden of Eden which from which Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat (Biblical)
distinguished between good and evil
could tell the difference between good and bad
play a good knife and fork
eat ravenously, eat a lot of food quickly
the good and the bad
light and dark, yin and yang, everything
good and

    Türkische aussprache

    gîd ınd


    /gəd ənd/ /ɡɪd ənd/


    [ 'gud ] (adjective.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English gOd; akin to Old High German guot good, Sanskrit gadhya what one clings to.


    ... that that spec is good, and to the extent that these people are diligent in doing their ...
    ... second rank tensor equals zero, and there was light, and it was good.  And on the seventh ...

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