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speech or writing that is unintelligible, incoherent or meaningless
needlessly obscure or overly technical language
{n} cant words, nonsense
Unmeaning; as, gibberish language
unintelligible talking
A technique using non-verbal sounds in place of the text or in place of words
A nonsense language
{i} nonsensical speech; babble; unintelligible speech; use of highly technical or obscure words (in speech or writing)
Rapid and inarticulate talk; unintelligible language; unmeaning words; jargon
If you describe someone's words or ideas as gibberish, you mean that they do not make any sense. When he was talking to a girl he could hardly speak, and when he did speak he talked gibberish. = nonsense. something you write or say that has no meaning, or is very difficult to understand = nonsense (Probably from gibber)