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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} kadınlık
(Sosyoloji, Toplumbilim) kadın(sı)lık
{i} kadınsı davranış
{i} kadın milleti
Englisch - Englisch
The sum of all attributes that convey (or are perceived to convey) womanhood
s bháva, indriya
The quality or nature of the female sex; womanliness
the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for women
pertains to societies in which social gender roles overlap
A woman's femininity is the fact that she is a woman. the drudgery behind the ideology of motherhood and femininity. masculinity
{i} quality of the female sex; effeminacy; women
Femininity means the qualities that are considered to be typical of women. this courageous German tennis star's unique blend of strength and femininity. masculinity. qualities that are considered to be typical of women, especially qualities that are gentle, delicate, and pretty masculinity
The female form
A situation in which the dominant values in society are caring for others and quality of life

vnto Psyche with great trust and care / Committed her, yfostered to bee, / And trained vp in true feminitee .