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Fabrika, yeni cins bir araba üretiyor. - The factory is producing a new type of car.

Bu fabrika, otomobil parçaları üretmektedir. - This factory manufactures automobile parts.


Tony, bir dükkân veya bir fabrikada çalışmak istemiyordu. - Tony did not want to work in a shop or a factory.

Bu fabrikada robotlar insanların yerini aldı. - Robots have taken the place of men in this factory.

yabancı bir memlekette iş hanı
{i} imalathane
{i} dış ticari temsilcilerin çalıştığı işhanı
factory installed
fabrikada kurulmuş
factory installed
fabrikada yüklenmiş
factory installed
factory made
fabrikasyon olarak imal edilen
factory building
fabrika binası
factory chimney
fabrika bacası
factory cost
fabrika maliyeti
factory cost
üretim maliyeti
factory expenses
fabrika giderleri
factory hand
fabrika işçisi
factory inspector
fabrika denetçisi
factory inspector
hükümet denetçisi
factory labourer
fabrika işçisi
factory ledger
fabrika büyük defteri
factory ledger
imalat defteri
factory manager
fabrika müdürü
factory output
fabrika randımanı
factory price
fabrika fiyatı
factory production
fabrika üretimi
factory worker
fabrika işçisi

Ben sadece basit bir fabrika işçisiyim. Neden beni rahatsız ediyorsunuz? - I'm just a simple factory worker. Why do you bother me?

factory farming
fabrika çiftçiligi
factory farms
fabrika çiftlikleri
factory floor
fabrika katı
factory fumes
fabrika dumanları
factory molasses
ham şeker melası
factory output
fabrika randimani
factory servicing
fabrika hizmet
factory ship
fabrika gemisi
Fabrika yapımı, fabrikasyon
factory aerodrome
fabrika uçak pisti
factory burden
(Ticaret) genel imal giderleri
factory burden expenses
(Ticaret) genel inşaat maliyetleri
factory certification
(Ticaret) fabrika belgelendirmesi
factory cost
(Ticaret) imalat gideri
factory cost
(Ticaret) üretim masrafı
factory default settings
varsayılan fabrika ayarları
factory direct sales
(Ticaret) imalattan halka (satış)
factory expenses
(Ticaret) imal giderleri
factory farming
(Ticaret) fabrika çiftçiliği
factory installation tips
üretim yüklemesi ipuçları
factory installed
fabrikada kurulmus
factory ledger
(Ticaret) üretim defteri
factory legislation
(Ticaret) fabrika kanunları
factory location
(Askeri) fabrika yeri
factory made
factory made product
fabrikada imal edilmiş ürün
factory order
(Ticaret) fabrika siparişi
factory order
(Ticaret) fabrikaya verilen sipariş
factory overhead
(Ticaret) genel imal giderleri
factory painting
fabrika boyası
factory precast unit
prefabrike öğe
factory preparations
hazır tesisat
factory production control
fabrika imalat kontrolü
factory ship
(Denizbilim) fabrika gemi
factory shipping
fabrika nakliye
factory site
fabrika sahası
factory vessel
(Denizbilim) fabrika gemi
factory waste
(Çevre) fabrika atığı
aircraft factory
uçak fabrikası
animal feed factory
yem fabrikası
beet sugar factory
pancar şekeri fabrikası
canning factory
konserve fabrikası
cotton factory
pamuk fabrikası
ex factory
fabrika teslim fiyatı
motorcar factory
otomobil fabrikası
rope factory
halat fabrikası
sugar factory
şeker fabrikası
automobile factory
otomobil fabrikası
general factory meeting
genel fabrika toplantı
knitwear factory
triko fabrikası
pasta factory
makarna fabrikası
salt factory
tuz fabrikası
shoe factory
ayakkabı fabrikası
software factory
yazılım fabrikası
think factory
düşünmek fabrika
views from a toy factory
oyuncak fabrikası görüntüleri
white sugar factory
beyaz şeker fabrikası
badge factory
(Tekstil) arma fabrikası
bottling factory
şişeleme fabrikası
bottling factory
şişeleme tesisi
cartridge factory
clothing factory
(Tekstil) konfeksiyon fabrikası
enter the factory
fabrikaya girmek
establish factory
(Ticaret) fabrika kurmak
ex factory
fabrika teslimi
fructose factory
(Ticaret) fruktoz fabrikası
large factory
büyük fabrika
ottoman factory
pistol cartridge factory
(Askeri) av fişek fabrikası
roofing tile factory
kiremit fabrikası
sales factory
(Tekstil) ayakkabı taban fabrikası
shadow factory
geleceğe yönelik savaş malzemeleri üreten fabrika
spinning factory
(Tekstil) bükümhane
sundry factory expenses
(Ticaret) çeşitli üretim masrafları
sundry factory expenses
(Ticaret) muhtelif imalat masrafları
tile factory
(Endüstri) kiremit fabrikası
yeast factory
(Denizbilim) maya fabrikası
Englisch - Englisch
In a computer program or library, a function or method which creates an object
A device which produces or manufactures something
A trading establishment, especially set up by merchants working in a foreign country
A building or other place where manufacturing takes place
The position or state of being a factor
{n} a body, or place of merchant-agents, a manufactory
a plant consisting of buildings with facilities for manufacturing
A class, metaphorically, for its instances
a building or a group of buildings where products are made
Same as class object
A concept that provides a service for creating new objects [OMG]
A nonvisual bean capable of dynamically creating new instances of a specified bean
In general, an object that constructs other objects In Twisted, a Factory usually refers to a twisted internet protocol Factory, which constructs Protocol instances for incoming or outgoing connections See Writing Servers and Writing Clients
The Griff sequencer (and the sampler) make extensive use of Factories to generate new items (Sections, Patterns, Notes) The Factories are buttons
factory stub
A type of object in Keykos that produces discreet objects (q v )
A building or group of buildings where goods are made or manufactured
A general term used to describe an object that creates other objects
n pabrik
A bean that dynamically creates instances of beans
Any CORBA object that returns an object reference to other CORBA objects A factory is located in the server application
(Java) A nonvisual bean capable of dynamically creating new instances of a specified bean
{i} building in which products are manufactured; any location which mass-produces one type of product (can be used figuratively)
The body of factors in any place; as, a chaplain to a British factory
A place where manufacturing takes place
A factory is a large building where machines are used to make large quantities of goods. He owned furniture factories in New York State. W2S2 factories a building or group of buildings in which goods are produced in large quantities, using machines. Structure in which work is organized to meet the need for production on a large scale usually with power-driven machinery. In the 17th-18th century, the domestic system of work in Europe began giving way to larger units of production, and capital became available for investment in industrial enterprises. The movement of population from country to city also contributed to change in work methods. Mass production, which transformed the organization of work, came about by the development of the machine-tool industry. With precision equipment, large numbers of identical parts could be produced at low cost and with a small workforce. The assembly line was first widely used in the U.S. meat-packing industry; Henry Ford designed an automobile assembly line in 1913. By mid-1914, chassis assembly time had fallen from 12 1 2 man-hours to 93 man-minutes. Some countries, particularly in Asia and South America, began industrializing in the 1970s and later. See also American System of manufacture
A building within which manufacturing takes place
A house or place where factors, or commercial agents, reside, to transact business for their employers
A building, or collection of buildings, appropriated to the manufacture of goods; the place where workmen are employed in fabricating goods, wares, or utensils; a manufactory; as, a cotton factory
Factory Mutual Research
Former name of FM Approvals
factory farm
A very large, factory-style farm in which many animals are confined at high stocking density
factory reset
A full restore of an electronic device, such as a PDA or a mobile phone, to its original settings
factory team
a team that is wholly or substantially owned and run by (or on behalf of) a car manufacturer, either by an in house organisation or an associated company
Wholly or substantially supported by financial or technical backing from a car manufacturer, but not necessarily contracted to it
factory farming
Factory farming is the process of raising livestock in confinement at high stocking density, where a farm operates as a business — a practice typical in industrial farming by agribusinesses.The main products of this industry are meat, milk and eggs for human consumption
factory farming
Battery farming (or factory farming in the USA) is the practice of large numbers of animals in confined conditions in order to produce high outputs and low costs. However, meat quality is often lower. Food companies love it; it creates high profits at small costs and is highly efficient. Animal activists hate it; they argue it is cruel and degrading for the animals and want it stopped
factory acts
labor law
factory configuration
manufacturer's configuration, configuration determined by the manufacturer
factory farm
agribusiness: a large-scale farming enterprise
factory farming
large-scale, industrialized agriculture
factory farming
intensive rearing of poultry or animals for food
factory farming
A square indicates that the company: i) is a factory farmer of meat, poultry (broilers and eggs), fish or fur, or ii) manufactures or supplies intensive farming equipment such as battery cages, beak trimmers, pig crates, or iii) supplies breeding stock, or iv) sells or processes meat, poultry (broilers & eggs) or fur that is not labelled as free range or organic A half square represents a lesser degree of involvement relative to the other companies on the table
factory farming
Factory farming is a system of farming which involves keeping animals indoors, often with very little space, and giving them special foods so that they grow more quickly or produce more eggs or milk. a type of farming in which animals are kept inside, in small spaces or small cages, and made to grow or produce eggs very quickly farm. System of modern animal farming designed to yield the most meat, milk, and eggs in the least amount of time and space possible. The term, descriptive of standard farming practice in the U.S., is frequently used by animal-rights activists, who maintain that animal-protection measures routinely ignore farm animals. Animals are often fed growth hormones, sprayed with pesticides, and fed antibiotics to mitigate the problems of infestation and disease that are exacerbated by crowded living conditions. Chickens spend their lives crowded into small cages, often so tightly that they cannot turn around; the cages are stacked in high batteries, and the length of "day" and "night" are artificially controlled to maximize egg laying. Veal calves are virtually immobilized in narrow stalls for their entire lives. These and numerous other practices have long been decried by critics
factory farming
extensive and intensive industrialized raising of animals (livestock, poultry and fish)
factory floor
The factory floor refers to the workers in a factory, as opposed to the managers. It can also refer to the area where they work. He had worked on the factory floor for 16 years. a) the area in a factory where goods are made b) the ordinary workers in a factory, rather than the managers on the factory floor
factory outlet
A factory outlet is a shop where a factory sells damaged or out-of-date goods directly to customers at reduced prices
factory outlet showroom
room where a factory's products are displayed
factory price
price charged for goods picked up at the factory
factory ship
a whaling ship equipped to process whale products at sea
factory ship
{i} large fishing vessel that can process and freeze its own catch as it has all the equipment needed; ship engaged in whale fishing that has all the necessary equipment to process the killed whales and carry the oil and whale products at sea
factory ship
A factory ship is a large fishing boat which has equipment for processing the fish that are caught, for example by cleaning or freezing them, before it returns to port. An ocean vessel equipped to process fish or other marine animals, especially as seafood
factory whistle
a whistle at a factory that is sounded to announce times for starting or stopping work
factory worker
a workman in a mill or factory
produced in quantity at a factory
arms factory
a factory where weapons are produced
dark factory
A factory with no human labor
dream factory
A film studio
bar, pub, a place for drinking
sausage factory
A facility producing sausage meat products
sausage factory
A party or gathering with few to no women present
sausage factory
An unappealing process to generate something familiar
sausage factory
the process of creating news - "You wouldn't want to see how it's created," referring to the job of pursuing stories, sources and research
sausage factory
Dealing and compromise done behind the scenes to enact legislation
focused factory
(Ticaret) A production facility dedicated to the manufacture of a single product line or family, and whose process and support systems have been optimized strictly for that group
advance factory
authorized factory, certified manufacturing site
automobile factory
a factory where automobiles are manufactured
plural of factory
giggle factory
(Slang) hospital for the mentally ill
glass factory
factory that manufactures glass
oil factory
factory where oil is manufactured