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To lure someone, either into a dangerous situation, or into performing an illegal act
To catch something in a trap or snare
{v} to trap, insnare, entangle
catch in or as if in a trap; "The men trap foxes"
To catch in a trap; to insnare; hence, to catch, as in a trap, by artifices; to involve in difficulties or distresses; to catch or involve in contradictions; as, to be entrapped by the devices of evil men
take or catch as if in a snare or trap; "I was set up!"; "The innocent man was framed by the police"
If you entrap someone, you trick or deceive them and make them believe or do something wrong. The police have been given extra powers to entrap drug traffickers He claimed the government had entrapped him into doing something that he would not have done otherwise. to trap someone or something, or make it impossible for them to escape from a situation, especially by tricking them
{f} catch in a trap, lure, snare, draw into difficulty or danger