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Englisch - Englisch
To remove or take off, especially of clothing
To remove a hat as a greeting or mark of respect
{v} to put off dress, strip, shift off, delay
To strip; to divest; to undress
To put off dress; to take off the hat
remove; "He doffed his hat
remove; "He doffed his hat"
To put off, as dress; to divest one's self of; hence, figuratively, to put or thrust away; to rid one's self of
{f} remove, take off (one's hat, jacket, etc.)
If you doff your hat or coat, you take it off. The peasants doff their hats. to remove the hat you are wearing as a sign of respect (do off (8-17 centuries))
past of doff
present participle of doff
third-person singular of doff