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Englisch - Türkisch
döküm ocağı
küçük kubbe
(Mühendislik) kupola, döküm ocağı
{i} kubbe
{i} ufak kubbe
(Askeri) KOMUTAN KULESİ: Özellikle bazı tanklarda, esas kulenin üzerinde bulunan küçük giriş yeri. Tanklarda bunlara bazen "commander's cupola" denir
{i} yumru
{i} zırhlı kule
(Askeri) komutan kulesi
cupola furnace
kupol fırını
cupola furnace
döküm ocağı
shell cupola
kabuk kubbe
commander's cupola
(Askeri) KOMUTAN KULESİ: Bak. "cupola". COMMANDER'S ESTIMATE OF THE SITUATION: KOMUTANIN DURUM DEĞERLENDİRMESİ: Bir komutanın, askeri durumu etkileyen tüm şartları mütalaa ettiği ve bir görevin yerine getirilmesi amacıyla takip edilmesi gereken yol hususunda bir karara vardığı mantıki bir muhakeme işlemidir. Bir komutanın büyük varsayımlar gerektirecek kadar ileri dönemdeki askeri durumu mütalaa eden değerlendirmesine, komutanın uzun vadeli durum değerlendirmesi denir. Ayrıca bakınız: "estimate of the situation"
commander's cupola
(Askeri) komutan kupolası
geodesic cupola
geodezik kubbe
gunner's cupola
(Askeri) nişancı kupolası
pintle mount cupola
(Askeri) makinalı tüfek mahfili
Englisch - Englisch
A dome-shaped ornamental structure located on top of a larger roof or dome
A small turret, usually on a hatch of an armoured fighting vehicle
{n} a dome, arched roof, turret, bowl
A hemispherical cap or roof for a cylindrical form more simply described as a dome Unlike a true dome which is derived by rotating the stone arch 360 degrees around its vertical axis, a cupola may use a steel or wood dome shaped, armature covered with a metal such as copper or some other material (Hartt)
A relatively small roofed structure set on the ridge of a main roof area Also known as a Crow’s Nest
A polyhedron constructed as follows Start with an n/d-gon (the top, which may or may not be retrograde), and place a 2n/d-gon in a parallel plane (the bottom) Here d must be odd Squares attach from the edges of the top to alternate edges of the bottom The other bottom edges connect to triangles which fill the gaps between the squares and touch a top vertex The plural form is cupolae
A furnace for melting iron or other metals in large quantity, used chiefly in foundries and steel works
A feature at the top of a roof, usually dome-shaped and opened up by windows or columns
A small structure standing on the top of a dome; a lantern
A small dome, usually part of a roof, shaped like an upside-down bowl
a roof in the form of a dome a vertical cylindrical furnace for melting iron for casting
A small dome or “lookout” type structure crowning the top of a building or turret
A dome-like structure that sits on top of a roof
A small structure built on top of a roof
A small dome-like protuberance projecting from the main body of an igneous intrusion
When on a large scale it is usually called dome
a roof in the form of a dome
jelly-like covering of the sensory hairs in the ampullae of the semicircular canals This responds to movement in the surrounding fluid and assists in maintaining balance
A cupola is a roof or part of a roof that is shaped like a dome. = dome. a round structure on the top of a building, that is shaped like an upside down bowl (from cupa; CUP)
a rounded vault resting on a usually circular base and forming a roof or a ceiling
small polygonal or circular domed turret crowning a roof
A dome, especially a small dome on a circular or polygonal base crowning a roof or turret Usually only decorative in modern homes Older cupolas can be reached by stairs
A dome on a circular or polygonal base crowning a roof or turret
Spherical vault on the top of the building
a vertical cylindrical furnace for melting iron for casting
- An observation tower projecting above the roof of a caboose so that the conductor and brakemen can watch the train
Hemispherical armored roof
A small dome
a structure rising above the main roof It is usually ornamental, but may be used for ventilation
A small dome on a base crowning a roof
{i} dome; small tower on a roof
A small cabin atop the caboose where the brakeman can scan ahead over the roofs of freight cars in a train
Small structure on top of a roof
The top of the spire of the cochlea of the ear
In architecture, a small dome, usually one set on a much larger dome or on a roof; a semi-circular vault
A roof having a rounded form, hemispherical or nearly so; also, a ceiling having the same form
Small circular or polygonal dome on a roof or turret
A revolving shot-proof turret for heavy ordnance
A small monitor or dome at the peak of a pitched roof
Having one or more cupolas
plural of cupola