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The (ventral) area of a person’s body where the legs fork from the trunk

Every mile they rode their crotches felt worse saddlepain.

The male genitalia

He cringed at being kicked in the crotch.

The area where something forks or branches, a ramification takes place

There is a child sitting in a crotch of that tree.

{n} a kind of hook, the forked part of a tree
To provide with a crotch; to give the form of a crotch to; as, to crotch the ends of ropes in splicing or tying knots
the angle formed by the inner sides of the legs where they join the human trunk
In the three-ball carom game, a small space at each corner of the table
Your crotch is the part of your body between the tops of your legs. Glover kicked him hard in the crotch
called also crane and crutch
To notch (a log) on opposite sides to provide a grip for the dogs in hauling
external sex organ
The angle formed by the parting of two legs or branches; a fork; the point where a trunk divides; as, the crotch of a tree
The crotch of something such as a pair of trousers is the part that covers the area between the tops of your legs. They were too long in the crotch. the part of your body between the tops of your legs, or the part of a piece of clothing that covers this groin (Probably from crutch)
A stanchion or post of wood or iron, with two arms for supporting a boom, spare yards, etc
{i} forking, branching; place where something forks (i.e. area between the legs, etc.)
The (ventral) area of a person's body where the legs fork from the trunk
See Crotched, below
crotch fruit
A baby; offspring

My patients read so much shit they think they can’t make a crotch fruit after they turn thirty”.

crotch fruits
plural form of crotch fruit
crotch rocket
a high-performance street motorcycle
crotch chain
A form of tackle for loading a log sideways on a sled, skidway, etc
Having a crotch or fork; forked
Cross; peevish
Lying within a crotch; said of the object balls in the three- ball carom game whenever the centers of both lie within a 4½- inch square at a corner of the table, in which case but three counts are allowed unless one or both balls be forced out of the crotch
Having a crotch; forked
{s} branching