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An association or society
A similar arrangement among non-commercial institutions or organizations
The right of a spouse to all the normal relationships with his or her mate
An association or combination of businesses, financial institutions, or investors, for the purpose of engaging in a joint venture
A combination or group of organizations formed to undertake a common objective that is beyond the resources or capabilities of any single organization SEMATECH is a consortium
the loss of services an society of another
Consortium is a form of cooperation between two or more carriers to operate in a particular trade
Two or more members of a natural assemblage in which each organism benefits from the other The group may collectively carryout some process that no single member can accomplish on its own
The companionship of a spouse If a spouse is injured through the fault of another, part of the damages could include the value of the spouse's services or companionship which was lost due to the accident (LE)
A two (or more) membered bacterial culture (or natural assemblage) in which each organism benefits from the other
Organizations that are not formally recognized as 'promulgators' of public standards, but formed for the purpose of developing common technical specifications for the use of their members, usually in narrowly defined areas
a medical school that maintains cooperative relationships with other universities; Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, a community-based, state medical school, is the only school that fits this category
The Colleges of Worcester Consortium is an association of colleges in Worcester, along with several related organizations WPI students may take courses at any of the other member schools at no additional cost Navy military science courses are offered through the consortium at Holy Cross
A group of entities formed to engage a project beyond the resources of any one of the members The vision of the TEC is that a multi-faceted consortium will form among the Texas Baptist universities where library, communications, and faculty resources can be shared top^
the joining together of several agencies or organizations for the purpose of submitting a single project application
a group of travel agencies
Is an organization that manages, among other requirements, the random testing process for its clients It is an agent of the marine employers it represents, and is responsible for meeting the random testing rate that applies to the consortium random pool Basically, the consortium takes crewmembers from a number of marine employers, puts them into a random testing pool, and then ensures that the pool is tested at the random rate established by the Coast Guard (50% annually) For example, if there are 1,000 covered crewmembers, from 10 employers in the random drug testing pool, the consortium, on behalf of the employers, is responsible for conducting 500 random tests during the calendar year It is important to note that members of a consortium may not see 50% of their own personnel tested in a given year It is also possible that a consortium member may see more than 50% of its personnel tested in a given calendar year
a group of companies that have teamed up for a particular project or contract
the joining together of several agencies or organizations for the purpose of submitting a single project application (Broward schools and departments joining together do not constitute a consortium)
A grouping of corporations to fulfill a combined objective or project that usually requires interbusiness cooperation and sharing of the goods
A consortium is a group of people or firms who have agreed to co-operate with each other. The consortium includes some of the biggest building contractors in Britain. consortia consortiums a group of companies or organizations who are working together to do something
Geographically contiguous units of general local government consolidated to be in a single unit of general local government for HOME Program purposes when certain requirements are met
Group of carriers pooling resources in a trade lane to maximize their resources efficiently
In reference to school-to-work, a consortium is a group of two or more agencies that enter into a cooperative agreement to share information or provide services that benefit students Participating groups may pool their individual fiscal, human, and material resources to take advantage of economies of scale, or arrange to share staff technical expertise Consortia may be formed within educational sectors, as when a number of secondary schools collaborate to offer advanced instructional services, or across educational sectors, as when a secondary and postsecondary institution arrange articulated programs Employer and community organizations may also join educational consortia, or form their own consortia, to support School-to-Work system-building efforts
Arrangement between schools that enables students who attend one school to go to class and use resources at another school
An association of libraries established by formal agreement, usually for the purpose of improving services through resource sharing among its members The Novanet consortium includes 9 university libraries as well as the Nova Scotia Community College libraries It is available to students of those university and colleges, as well as to community members for an annual fee
{i} partnership
A group of unrelated companies acting together in a specific venture
A coalition of organizations, such as banks and corporations, set up to fund ventures requiring large capital resources
A grouping of corporations to fulfill a combined objective or project that usually requires interbusiness cooperation and sharing of the goods [FRBSF]
an association of companies for some definite purpose
consortium agreement
Group of collaborative investigators/institutions; arrangement can be formalized with specified terms and conditions
consortium agreement
An agreement between two or more organizations for the conduct of a collaborating project involving two or more investigators; similar to a subcontract, it includes specific terms and conditions
consortium agreement
Agreement between two institutions that allows collaborative work on a single project by investigators of the two institutions The "lead" or "prime" institution receives an award from the sponsor which directs that a subaward or subcontract be issued to the "sub-" instituion
consortium agreement
An agreement made by a group of organizations to share processing facilities and/or office facilities, if one member of the group suffers a disaster SIMILAR TERMS: Reciprocal Agreement
consortium bank
bank which is under the ownership of other banks
Cur consortium
factory complex belonging to a company of workers
plural of consortium
a group of libraries or other organizations that form a partnership to achieve a goal, such as shared cataloging or resource sharing, that cannot be achieved by the individuals alone
An agreement, combination or group formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member
Formal organizations of two or more institutions which seek to attain specific goals through cooperation (e g RLG, METRO)
A group of organizations whose purpose is to collectively facilitate and support the work of a service program in ways that add material and human resources beyond those available to each organization individually
industrial consortium
association of industrial concerns



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    /kənˈsôrsʜēəm/ /kənˈsɔːrʃiːəm/


    [ k&n-'sor-sh(E-)&m, -'s ] (noun.) 1829. From the Latin consortio ("bound destiny; the same destiny") prefix com- "with" + noun sortitus ("casting lots", "decide by lots").

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