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Englisch - Englisch
Overly self-confident and boastful
A sheep farmer, specifically (due to prevalence of sheep in New Zealand); a cow farmer being called a cow cocky
A farmer, particularly a small-time farmer

And stories in the bush may not seem relevant in the big smoke, but try telling that to a cocky. — Shelley Horton, Australian Broadcasting Commission Media Dimensions program, episode 15.

Abbreviation of cockatoo, especially when talking to such a bird, as in "hello cocky"

2005: Visit the local store at Coles Bay and you're greeted by a talking cocky called Jim. — Australian Broadcasting Commission, The World Today program, Town seeks environmental accreditation, 5 August 2005.

{s} arrogant, conceited, vain, proud
overly self-confident up to a point where youre kidding yourself of your abilities
A farmer
overly self-confident or self-assertive; "a very cocky young man"
overly self-confident or self-assertive; "a very cocky young man
disapproval Someone who is cocky is so confident and sure of their abilities that they annoy other people. He was a little bit cocky when he was about 11 because he was winning everything. = cocksure. too confident about yourself and your abilities, especially in a way that annoys other people (COCK2)
cocky's joy
Golden syrup

2006: Golden syrup or cocky's joy is a liquid sugar. — Australian Broadcasting Commission Central West NSW local radio recipes.

comparative of cocky
superlative of cocky
In a cocky manner
arrogantly, conceitedly, vainly; jauntily
The quality of being cocky
{i} arrogance, conceit, vainness; jauntiness
offensive assertiveness