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Tom civcivleri bir karton kutuya koydu. - Tom put the chicks in a cardboard box.

Tavuğun civcivleri yumurtadan çıkıyorlar. - The hen's chicks are hatching.


Tabakta bir parça piliç, bir patates ve biraz yeşil bezelye vardı. - On the plate was a piece of chicken, a potato and some green peas.

Arabaya bir piliç atalım. - Let's pick up a chick.

{i} argo genç kız, piliç
(Argo) çıtır

Tabakta bir parça piliç, bir patates ve biraz yeşil bezelye vardı. - On the plate was a piece of chicken, a potato and some green peas.

(Spor) amigo kız
yavru kuş
güzel kız
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) Kuş yavrusu
{i} kız

Maşa kullanmadan tavuk kızartabilen bir adamın videosunu izledim. - I saw a video of a man who can fry chicken without using tongs.

Tom, kızarmış tavuk seviyor. - Tom loves fried chicken.


Ben bir çocukken su çiçeği geçirdim. - I had chicken pox when I was a kid.

Ben bir çocukken suçiçeği geçirdim. - I had chicken pox as a kid.

genç kız
chick pea
chick flick
Bayanların sevdiği, bayanların hoşuna giden, bayan ruhuna hitap eden ( genellikle filmler ve kitaplar için kullanılır.)
chick magnet
(Argo) kızları çeken erkek
hot chick
sıcak piliç
vip chick
vıp piliç
(Askeri) dost avcı uçakları
squab chick
kuş yavrusu
squab chick
yavru kuş
Englisch - Englisch
A young chicken
A young bird
A young (especially attractive) woman

Three cool chicks / Are walking down the street / Swinging their hips — song Three Cool Cats by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

A woman

Check that chick out.

{n} the young of hens, a darling
{i} young chicken; young bird; child (metaphorically); girl or woman (Slang)
young bird especially of domestic fowl
A chick is a baby bird
(1) a female (2) nickname for anyone short
To sprout, as seed in the ground; to vegetate
A young bird that has recently hatched from the egg
A chicken
A girl
A child or young person; a term of endearment
One of those softer, prettier and better-smelling people you sometimes see around Not meant as a derogatory term; most chicks don't mind being called "chicks" if it's done right
small chicken or bird: A chick pecks its way out of the egg online at the museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois
informal terms for a (young) woman
Chick tract
a religious tract by Christian fundamentalist Jack Chick
Chick tracts
plural form of Chick tract
chick flick
A film, usually about romances, which is popular with females and comparatively unpopular with males
chick flicks
plural form of chick flick
chick lit
Literature perceived to appeal to, or be marketed at, young women, typically concerning romantic dilemmas
chick flick
A movie considered to appeal mainly to women, displaying more of a focus on romance or relationships
chick flick
A chick flick is a romantic film that is not very serious and is intended to appeal to women
chick lit
Chick lit is modern fiction about the lives and romantic problems of young women, usually written by young women. books about young women and the typical problems they have with men, sex, losing weight etc, especially books written by women for women to read - used humorously
chick pea
garbanzo bean, dwarf pea
chick peas
garbanzo beans, edible pea-like seeds
chick thing
habit or interest that is typically of chicks or girls as opposed to male
structure in which baby chickens are kept
checkout chick
A supermarket cashier
plural form of chick
Slang for young ladies
plural of chick

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    /ˈʧək/ /ˈʧɪk/


    [ chik ] (noun.) 15th century. From Middle English chike, variation of chiken (“chicken”). More at chicken.

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    ... but i would would say that that a seven year old chick here is probably very ...

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