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Englisch - Türkisch
güçlükle nefes alan kimse

Hadi bir mola verelim. - Let's take a breather.

hava deliği
nefes alan kimse
dili teneffüs
(Askeri) HAVA DELİĞİ: Bir tertibattaki havalandırma deliği. Bu gibi delikler sayesinde dahili basınç atmosfer basıncı ile aşağı yukarı aynı seviyede muhafaza edilir
nefes/nefes alan
breather pipe
havalandırma borusu
crankcase breather
karter havalandırıcısı
crankcase breather pipe
karter havalandırma borusu
air breather
hava filtresi
crank case breather
karter havalandırıcısı
take a breather
mola vermek
Englisch - Englisch
A spatially localized, time-periodic excitation in a one-dimensional lattice
A short break; a rest or respite

After a short breather she was ready to continue up the hill.

Something or someone that breathes
One who breathes
(c) One who animates or inspires
air passage provided by a retractable device containing intake and exhaust pipes; permits a submarine to stay submerged for extended periods of time
A filtering unit for vented enclosures installed to prevent dirt and foreign matter from entering the enclosure (050)
Hence: (a) One who lives
That which puts one out of breath, as violent exercise
If you take a breather, you stop what you are doing for a short time and have a rest. Relax and take a breather whenever you feel that you need one. to stop what you are doing for a short time in order to rest, especially when you are exercising heavy breather
A loosely woven material that does not come in contact with the resin but serves as a continuous vacuum path over a part in production
(b) One who utters
{i} pause for breath, short break
a short respite
breather pipe
tube through which one can breathe air (under water)
mouth breather
A person who is boorish, stupid, or otherwise unattractive

She's a philosophy major from Brown, now working retail at Niagara Falls, living in a trailer and working for a mouth breather of a boss.

mouth breather
A person who routinely inhales and exhales through the mouth, instead of through the nose

Respirations cannot be recorded by this method, if the subject is a mouth breather (as no air flows by the thermistor in the nose).

Alternative spelling of mouth breather
take a breather
To take a break; to pause or relax briefly

Why don't we stop and take a breather before we continue?.

take a breather
(deyim) Have a break, take a break, stop over, stop off, have a slack
plural of breather
heavy breather
a man who telephones a woman and does not speak, but breathes loudly, in order to get sexual pleasure breathing
take a breather
take a short break from one's activities in order to relax
water breather
Any arthropod that breathes by means of gills