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Englisch - Türkisch
cennet hayatı yaşatan kırlar
{i} kırsal cennet
{i} mora yarımadasındaki dağlık bölge
köy hayatı sahne
Arcadian bu ülkeye ait
eski Yunanistan da sade ve mesut bir ırkın oturduğu rivayet edilen dağlık bir ülke
Englisch - Englisch
A city in California, USA
A mountainous region of ancient Greece
A city in Louisiana, USA
A district or a prefecture in the central and mid SE Peloponnese that has a population of more than 110,000. Tripoli is the capital and a main city with a population over 22,000
Used as a name for an ideal region of rural and idyllic contentment
Ancient country, central Peloponnese, Greece. Mountainous and landlocked, it was not overrun by the Dorians during their occupation of Greece (1100-1000 BC). Its isolation and its pastoral character partly explain why it was represented as a paradise in Greek and Roman bucolic poetry. It was the scene of conflict during the War of Greek Independence (1821-29). The modern Greek department of Arkadhía is nearly coextensive with the ancient country
{i} city in California (USA); town in Louisiana (USA); region in ancient Greece
a picturesque plateau region in Greece, reputed to be the home of pastoral poetry and commemorated by pastoral poets as an ideal landscape of peace and contentment, peopled by philosopher-shepherds
Any region or scene of simple pleasure and untroubled quiet
a department of Greece in the central Peloponnese
A mountainous area of Greece In Greek and Roman literature, a place where a contented life of rural simplicity is lived; an earthly paradise peopled by shepherds
A region or scene characterized by idyllic quiet and simplicity, often chosen as a setting for pastoral poetry, from Arcadia, a picturesque region in ancient Greece (See also Bucolic, Eclogue, Idyll, Madrigal)
The word entered English from the Greek arkadia and refers to a region whose inhabitants lived a pastoral life of idealized, simple pleasures How appropriate for a group of nursing centers named Arcadia
A mountainous and picturesque district of Greece, in the heart of the Peloponnesus, whose people were distinguished for contentment and rural happiness



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    /ärˈkādēə/ /ɑːrˈkeɪdiːə/


    [ är-'kA-dE-& ] (noun.) circa 1890. From Ancient Greek Ἀρκαδία.

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