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Englisch - Türkisch
yazarı belirsiz
sonradan uydurulmuş

Uydurma hikayeler en eğlenceli saçmalık türüdür. - Apocryphal stories are the most fun variety of bullshit.

Onlar uydurma yazılar. - They are apocryphal writings.

{s} doğruluğu kabul edilmeyen
{s} doğruluğu şüpheli
slang for an apocryphal story
bir uydurma hikaye için argo
Englisch - Englisch
Of, or relating to the Apocrypha
Of dubious veracity; of questionable accuracy or truthfulness; anecdotal or in the nature of an urban legend

There is an apocryphal tale of a little boy plugging the dike with his finger.

Of, or pertaining to, the Apocrypha
Of doubtful authenticity, or lacking authority; not regarded as canonical

Many scholars consider the stories of the monk Teilo to be apocryphal.

{a} not canonical, uncertain, secret
of or belonging to the Apocrypha
of questionable authenticity
adj Hidden
- Classical term for a fake piece
A work which is of doubtful authenticity or authorship
Not canonical
Of dubious veracity; of questionable accuracy or truthfulness; in the nature of an urban legend
Of doubtful authenticity
Hence: Of doubtful authority; equivocal; mythic; fictitious; spurious; false
of questionable authenticity of or belonging to the Apocrypha
An apocryphal story is one which is probably not true or did not happen, but which may give a true picture of someone or something. an apocryphal story is well-known but probably not true (apocrypha (14-21 centuries), from , from apocryphus , from , from apokryptein , from apo- ( APOCALYPSE) + kryptein )
{s} doubtful; not genuine; pertaining to the Apocrypha (Old Testament books not included in the Bible)
Pertaining to the Apocrypha
regarding apocryphas
in an apocryphal manner
In an apocryphal manner; mythically; not indisputably
unauthentically, in a counterfeit manner