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Türkisch - Türkisch
(Osmanlı Dönemi) f. Aferin, bravo! manasına kullanılır
Ağrı, acı duyulduğunda söylenen bir söz
Sesin tonuna göre pişmanlık, öfke, özlem, beğenme, sevgi gibi duygular anlatan bir söz
İlenme, beddua
Englisch - Englisch
prefix for attack helicopter, helicopter gunship designations
Anno Hegirae
ampere-hour (unit of charge)
A syllable used to fill space, particularly in music

ah, ah, ah.

Alternative spelling of I, most often indicating that the speaker is using an American (particularly Southern) accent
An instance of the interjection ''ah
A word used for drama or emphasis

Ah, the flowers of spring.

{i} denoting dislike, compassion and contempt
Authentication Header
Real Player (streamed) Real Player (for firewall) 0: 46 Authentication Header
Abercrombie House
Symbol and abbreviation of ampere-hour
Latin Anno Hegirae ‘’in the year of Hegira’’ It is the western abbreviation for the Islamic (Arabic) lunar calendar For further information please see the various Islamic sites and its conversion problems (Calendar)
expresses delight HI - used as a greeting OS - a bone
The IPSEC Authentication Header, added after the IP header For details, see our IPSEC Overview document and/or RFC 2402
In IPSec (Internet Protocol Security), the IP header used to verify the contents of a packet haven't been altered
"After the Hijrah" The letters are placed after the number of a year in the Islamic calendar
any relatively stable pattern of social behavior
(S): Mantra seed syllable (bija) symbolizing great emptiness from which all forms arise, the speech of all the buddhas, or the "Vajra Speech of the Buddhas " Associated with the Sambhogakaya (Beatific Body or Body of Bliss, Rapture, Perfect Enjoyment), the color ruby and the throat chakra
Abbreviation for Ampere-Hour
Authentication Header – the part of IPSec that ensures that data packets all come from the same source and have not been tampered with
Archway and Hospitals; AW - Archway Furnival; BD - Bedford; BG - Bounds Green; CF - Chase Farm Hospital; CH - Cat Hill; EN - Enfield; HE - Hendon; IH - Ivy House; NC - National Centre for Work Based Learning Partnerships; NM - North Middlesex Hospital ; QP - Quicksilver Place; RF - Royal Free Hospital; TP - Trent Park; TM - Tottenham; WI - Whittington Hospital
An IPsec protocol that provides for anti-replay and verifies that the contents of the packet haven't been modified in transit AH is a mathematical code that is embedded and transmitted in the IP packet May be applied alone or in combination with ESP Top
Ampere-hour capacity of the battery pack
Ah is a Scots word meaning I Ah said Ah hadnae seen him
Attack Helicopter
Tax2 Amount of second year of delinquent tax certified by county
Authentication Header The authentication header is part of the IPSec protocol process It authenticates the entire packet, including the IP address, using the MAC (which is computed on the entire packet)
Abbreviation for "ampere-hour" Designates an amount of electric charge Used for accumulators to denominate their capacity Because the voltage of an accumulator is nearly constant, you can calculate the stored energy from the given Ah-rating, e g 12Vx100Ah=1 2kWh
After Hijra: the event of the Prophet's (S) migration from Makkah to Madina is known as Hijra and marks the beginning of the Islamic Calendar
Amp-Hour A battery capacity rating that equals the achievable product of the current drain and the time duration of that drain The greater the AH rating, the longer the operating battery life For a known current drain requirement, dividing the amp-hour rating by that drain yields the operating time duration of the battery supply
feelings Ah is used in writing to represent a noise that people make in conversation, for example to acknowledge or draw attention to something, or to express surprise or disappointment. Ah, so many questions, so little time. Used to express various emotions, such as satisfaction, surprise, delight, dislike, or pain. used to show surprise, happiness, agreement etc (Perhaps from a, ah)
according to the manner of utterance
An expression of relief, relaxation, comfort, confusion, understanding, wonder, awe, et cetera according to uttered inflection
An exclamation, expressive of surprise, pity, complaint, entreaty, contempt, threatening, delight, triumph, etc
alternative spelling of I
{ü} word used to express a variety of emotions (delight, relief, surprise or contempt)
A use of the interjection, ah
To express understanding

Aah. Now I understand.

To say or exclaim aah
Expression of joy and/or pleasure
Expression of amazement or surprise or enthusiasm
The exclamation aah
Indication of amazement or surprise or enthusiasm
Indication of mouth being opened wide
Indication of joyful pleasure
To express joy or pleasure, especially by the interjection aah
see ah. To exclaim in pleasure, satisfaction, surprise, or great joy: The crowd was oohing and aahing beside the panda's enclosure. aah n
Indication of sympathy
{ü} ah, word used to express a variety of emotions (delight, relief, surprise or contempt)
To express amazement or surprise or enthusiasm, especially by the interjection aah
Türkisch - Englisch
sigh, groan
ouch (cry of pain)
ah!, oh!, alas!, ouch!; curse beddua
prov. see aa