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İngilizce - Türkçe
turist rehberi
{i} ajan
(Askeri) KURYE: Dokümanların ve malzemenin emniyetli bir şekilde naklinden ve tesliminden sorumlu bir haberci (genellikle subay ve astsubay). Genellikle komutanlık kuryesi veya mahalli kurye olarak kullanılır. Ayrıca bakınız: "armed forces courier"
{i} rehber
{i} özel ulak
{i} ulak
grup lideri
(Bilgisayar) courier
courier aeroplane
kurye uçağı
courier fee
kargo ücreti
courier, scribe, secretary
kurye, kâtip, sekreter
courier mail
(Askeri) KURYE POSTASI: Özel askeri haberci ile gönderilen evrak
courier mail
(Askeri) kurye postası
courier new
(Bilgisayar) courier new
courier transfer officer
(Askeri) kurye havale subayı
courier transfer officer
(Askeri) KURYE HAVALE SUBAYI: Silahlı Kuvvetler Kurye Hizmeti görevlerini yapmak üzere bir kurye havale istasyonuna atanmış ve üzerinde taşıdığı Silahlı Kuvvetler Kurye Hizmeti Kartı (Silahlı Kuvvetler Kurye Hizmeti Form 9) ile tanınan ABD silahlı kuvvetlerine mensup bir subay
courier transfer station
(Askeri) kurye havale istasyonu
courier transfer station
(Askeri) KURYE HAVALE İSTASYONU: Sınıf Kurye evrakını teslim almak, işlemek, biriktirmek ve dağıtmak maksadıyla ayrılmış belirli bir bina, büro ve benzeri yer
armed forces courier
(Askeri) silahlı kuvvetler kuryesi
travel courier
Seyahat rehberi
Defense Communications System; Defense Courier Service; deputy chief of staff; d
(Askeri) Savunma Bakanlığı Muhabere Sistemi; Savunma Bakanlığı Kurye Servisi; kurmay başkanı yardımcısı; dijital bilgisayar sistemi
armed forces courier
(Askeri) SİLAHLI KUVVETLER KURYESİ: Silahlı kuvvetler kurye hizmet görevlerini ifa etmek üzere atanan ve silahlı kuvvetler kurye hizmeti kimlik kartına sahip bir subay. Ayrıca bakınız: "courier"
armed forces courier service
(Askeri) SİLAHLI KUVVETLER KURYE HİZMETİ: Subay kuryeler tarafından, muhafaza altında teslim ve tesellümü gerektiren dökümanların emin bir şekilde ve süratle gönderilmesi için mevcut usullerden birini temin eden Kara, Hava ve Deniz Kuvvetlerinin müşterek bir bürosu
armed forces courier station
(Askeri) SİLAHLI KUVVETLER KURYE GÖREVİ: Silahlı Kuvvetler kurye hizmetlerine ait malzemenin kabulü, işlem görmesi ve gönderilmesi için ilgili askeri daire tarafından onaylanan ve karargah, Silahlı Kuvvetler kurye hizmeti tarafından resmen belirlenen bir kara, deniz veya hava kuvvetleri faaliyeti
army courier service
(Askeri) kara kuvvetleri kurye hizmeti
army courier service
(Askeri) ORDU KURYE HİZMETİ: Önemli askeri yazışmaları özel bir kurye ile sevketmek üzere, sahra posta hizmeti tarafından görülen hizmet
motorcycle courier
moto kurye
İngilizce - İngilizce
A monospace font that resembles the characters produced by a typewriter
A company that transports goods
A person who delivers messages
A company that delivers messages
A person who looks after and guides tourists
To deliver by courier

We'll have the contract couriered to you.

{n} a messenger sent in haste, a runner
The Courier is a delivery vehicle, based on an entry-level Ford station wagon Through 1961 it was a full-size Ford; beginning in 1962 it was a Falcon However, a Falcon "sedan delivery" was offered in 1960 and 1961, which was later to become the Courier in 1962
A cleared employee, designated by the contractor, whose principal duty is to transmit classified material to its destination The classified material remains in the personal possession of the courier except for authorized overnight storage
Attendant who accompanies cargo shipment(s) Also, attendant such as groom or veterinarian who accompany rare horses or other live animals
If you courier something somewhere, you send it there by courier. I couriered it to Darren in New York. to send something somewhere using a courier
The server component within the Octimal suite of products, designed primarily to implement the ebXML Transport Routing and Packaging specification
Courier is a type style used by typewriters and computer printers It is a nonproportional, serif style similar to the traditional typewriter face Pica Some graphic browsers may display this sentence in Courier or a similar style
Courier is a typeface which looks like typewriter print It is usually used in a fixed-width, or mono-spaced, font which means that all characters are spaced evenly
A messenger sent with haste to convey letters or dispatches, usually on public business
DTS: A local server that requests a time value from a randomly selected global server each time it synchronizes
Used to send and receive SMS data (parcels) through compact discs, floppy disks, or tapes Courier Sender is typically used to send large volumes of data when available bandwidth is very limited
A courier is a person who is paid to take letters and parcels direct from one place to another. The cheques were delivered to the bank by a private courier firm
An attendant on travelers, whose business it is to make arrangements for their convenience at hotels and on the way
A common typeface found in many typewriters Most dot-matrix printers will produce a Courier typeface as their standard face It is a monospaced typeface, with uniform stem thickness and square serifs Word offers both Courier and Courier New
A courier is a person employed by a travel company to look after people who are on holiday. = rep
a person who carries a message
{i} messenger
courier service
messenger service, delivery service
A person dispatched before another person or company, to give notice of his or their approach
plural of courier
jewel courier
messenger that delivers diamonds and jewels
Türkçe - İngilizce
(Bilgisayar) courier
courier new
(Bilgisayar) courier new