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{i} koda [müz.]
(isim) koda [müz.]
(Dilbilim) uç ünsüz
(Dilbilim) hece sonu
coda wave
(Çevre) koda dalgaları
syllable coda
(Dilbilim) hece bitişi
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İngilizce - İngilizce
A person born hearing to deaf parents
The optional final part of a syllable, placed after its nucleus, and usually composed of one or more consonants

The word salts has three consonants — /l/, /t/, and /s/ — in its coda, whereas the word glee has no coda at all.

The conclusion of a statement
In seismograms, the gradual return to baseline after a seismic event. The length of the coda can be used to estimate event magnitude, and the shape sometimes reveals details of subsurface structures
Alternative spelling of CODA
A passage which brings a movement or piece to a conclusion through prolongation
literally "tail" a closing section
A section sometimes added on to the end of a song; in sonata form, added after the recapitulation to conclude the sonata form movement
Cash or Deferred Arrangements A term associated with certain employee benefit plans where the employee is given a choice of receiving an employer contribution in cash or having it deferred under a plan and/or the choice of making his or her own contribution to the plan from before-tax income Most CODA's are either cash or deferred profit sharing plans or thrift and savings plans
Closing section of a composition An added ending
[koh-dah] (Italian) "Tail " The last section of a piece of music
A closing section, or tail, added to a musical movement A coda is not usually an essential part of the movement
A coda is a separate passage at the end of something such as a book or a speech that finishes it off
Italian for "tail " Final section of a musical movement in sonata form, summing up the previous material
In music, a coda is the final part of a fairly long piece of music which is added in order to finish it off in a pleasing way
A CODA is an arrangements that involves an election by an employee between receiving compensation in cash or having compensation deferred to a qualified plan Treas Reg 1 401(k)-1(a)-(3) The CODA must satisfy the requirements of Section 401(k) for the deferred compensation to be nontaxable at the time of the deferral Treas Reg 1 402(a)-1(d) The terms "section 401(k) arrangement" and "qualified CODA" also are used to refer to the "cash or deferred arrangement" in a qualified plan
A CODA is an adult hearing child of deaf parents See also CODA
A musical piece at the end of a selection
A few measures or a section added to the end of a piece of music to make a more effective ending
passage at the end of a song or composition that brings it to a formal close
final short section of a composition
It : "tail" The ending of a piece of music
{i} concluding section (Music)
A section of an arrangement that follows the last performance of the head and serves to conclude the piece
A few measures added beyond the natural termination of a composition
the closing section of a musical composition
d.c. al coda
A music notation roughly meaning "go back to the beginning, playing everything again up to the coda."
plural of coda



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    /ˈkōdə/ /ˈkoʊdə/


    [ 'kO-d& ] (noun.) circa 1753. Acronym for child of deaf adults.

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