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İngilizce - Türkçe

Tom karizmatik değil. - Tom isn't charismatic.

Mary karizmatik bir sanatçıdır ve seyircisini nasıl cezbedeceğini gerçekten biliyor. - Mary is a charismatic performer, and really knows how to captivate her audience.

{s} büyüleyici bir çekiciliği olan
{s} çekici

Büyük baban çok çekici. - Your grandfather is very charismatic.

{s} sempati uyandıran
{s} etkileyici

Tom'un etkileyici olduğunu düşünüyorum. - I think Tom is charismatic.

charismatic authority
karizmatik otorite
karizmatik bir şekilde
karizmatik olarak
İngilizce - İngilizce
A member of the Charismatic Movement
a member of such a Christian movement
of, related to, or having charisma
of, related to, or being a member of a form of Christianity that emphasises the role of the Holy Spirit
Gifted, filled with the divine, with divinely given powers, or with God's spirit This state may be linked with ecstasy or trance, which is reported to have been experienced by the early prophets and by Saul, the first king
the ability to lead and influence large numbers of people
possessing an extraordinary ability to attract; "a charismatic leader"; "a magnetic personality
Any group, person, church or movements which believes that speaking in tongues is a gift from God that should be in the church today See pentecostal See Baptism of the Holy Spirit
{s} having a magnetic personality, having leadership ability
possessing an extraordinary ability to attract; "a charismatic leader"; "a magnetic personality"
Of or pertaining to a charism
A charismatic person attracts, influences, and inspires people by their personal qualities. her striking looks and charismatic personality
Charming or captivating
Charismatic Movement
a Pentecostal movement within mainstream Protestant and Catholic churches
charismatic leader
leader whose personal qualities give him influence or authority over large numbers of people, leader with magnetic appeal
Any of several Churches, based upon the Charismatic Movement, that are part of a spiritual renewal movement