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İngilizce - Türkçe
küçük su fıçısı
kırma makinesi
{i} kıran şey veya kimse
kırıcı şey veya kimse
sahile çarparak köpük haline gelen dalga
büyük dalga
{i} dev dalga
{i} mancana (gemi)
{i} kıyıya vuran büyük dalga
gemilerde kullanılan küçük su fıçısı

Tom devre kesiciyi onardı. - Tom fixed the circuit breaker.

(Tekstil) kendir tarağı
devre kesici
breaker strip
kesici şerit
breaker point set
(Otomotiv) platin takımı
speed breaker
Hız kesici
chip breaker
(Mekanik) talaş kırıcı
circuit breaker
(Tekstil) sigorta
adjustable contact breaker
ayarlı devre kesici
air blast circuit breaker
basınçlı hava şalteri
chip breaker
yonga bıçağı
chip breaker
talaş kalemi
circuit breaker
circuit breaker
devre kesici
contact breaker
otomatik şalter
contact breaker lever
devre kesme kolu
current breaker
akım kesici
magneto breaker cam
manyeto devre kesici kamı
oil circuit breaker
yağlı şalter
prison breaker
hapishane kaçağı
record breaker
rekor kıran
rock breaker
kaya parçalama makinesi
stone breaker
taş kırma makinesi
strike breaker
grev kırıcı işçi
dam breaker
baraj kesici
deal breaker
Anlaşmalarda taviz verilmeyecek nokta, konu, madde
heart breaker
kalp kırıcı
kalp kırıcı
house breaker
ev kesici
ice breaker
Buzkıran, buz kırıcı gemi
image breaker
ımage kesici
law breaker
hukuk kesici
yemin bozan
overcurrent circuit breaker
aşırı akım devre kesicisi
overload circuit breaker
fazla yük devre kesicisi
promise breaker
söz kesici
residual current circuit breaker
artık akım rölesi
Kurallara uymayan, kuyralları çiğneyen kişi

Teacher may ignore rule-breaker and praise students who are following the rules.

stone breaker
taş kırıcı
sugar breaker
topak kırıcı
wind breaker
rüzgar kesici
air circuit breaker
havali kesici
backward breaker
(Askeri) geriye doğru kırılma
circuit breaker
(İnşaat) devre kesici, otomatik sigorta
circuit breaker
devre kesici anahtar
circuit breaker
devre anahtarı
coal breaker
kömür kırma işçisi
contact breaker
feeding arrangement of breaker lattice
(Tekstil) açma tarağının besleme düzeni
finish breaker
(Tekstil) apre kırma makinesi
float breaker
şamandıra anahtarı
fuse breaker
(Elektrik, Elektronik) sigorta kesici
glaze breaker
(Otomotiv) honlama aleti
glaze breaker
(Otomotiv) camlaşma kırıcı
oil circuit breaker
yagli kesici
plant breaker
(Nükleer Bilimler) tesis şalteri
plaster breaker
(Tıp) alçı kırıcı
plunging breaker
(Askeri) sıçrayarak kırılan dalga
plunging breaker
(Askeri) sıçrayarak kırılma
plunging breaker
dökülen dalga
prison breaker
hapisten kaçan tutuklu
prison breaker
record breaker
spilling breaker
(Askeri) köpürerek kırılma
spilling breaker
(Askeri) köpürerek kırılan dalga
strike breaker
grev kırıcı
surging breaker
(Çevre) dalga engeli
surging breaker
yükselen dalga
surging breaker
(Askeri) kabararak kırılan
surging breaker
yığılan dalga
surging breaker
(Askeri) kabararak kırılan dalga
tie breaker
tie break
tie breaker
eşitliği bozmak için oynanan oyun
vacuum breaker
vakum bozucu
vacuum breaker
(Nükleer Bilimler) vakum kırıcı
vortex breaker
girdap çözücü
İngilizce - İngilizce
A request to use a frequency being used by others on Citizen Band radio
A breakdancer
A wave breaking into foam against the shore, or against a sand bank, or a rock or reef near the surface, considered a useful warning to ships of an underwater hazard
A machine for breaking rocks, or for breaking coal at the mines
The building in which such a machine is placed
A small cask of liquid kept permanently in a ship's boat in case of shipwreck

Then the conversation broke off, and there was little more talking, only a noise of men going backwards and forwards, and of putting down of kegs and the hollow gurgle of good liquor being poured from breakers into the casks.

Something that breaks
one who trains horses, dogs, etc
{n} one that breaks, a large wave, a rock
A wave breaking on a shore, over a reef, etc Breakers may be classified into four types: SPILLING--bubbles and turbulent water spill down front face of wave The upper 25 percent of the front face may become vertical before breaking Breaking generally occurs over quite a distance PLUNGING--crest curls over air pocket; breaking is usually with a crash Smooth splash-up usually follows COLLAPSING--breaking occurs over lower half of wave, with minimal air pocket and usually no splash-up Bubbles and foam present SURGING--wave peaks up, but bottom rushes forward from under wave, and wave slides up beach face with little or no bubble production Water surface remains almost plane except where ripples may be produced on the beachface during runback
A wave which breaks over a beach, shoal, or rocks; a useful warning of danger
A chemical added to a frac fluid Used to degrade the gel and change it from a high viscosity to a low viscosity fluid to allow for better flow back
The quick collapse of an overextended water wave as it approaches the shoreline The collapse occurs when the ratio of wave height to wavelength exceeds 1: 7 This phenomenon also produces swash
A heat-activated electrical device used to open an electrical circuit to protect it from excessive current flow
A small water cask
A wave breaking into foam against the shore, or against a sand bank, or a rock or reef near the surface
Short for circuit breaker
a device that trips like a switch and opens the circuit when overloaded
a quarry worker who splits off blocks of stone
A device usually found in the home, on a pole or in a substation It is designed to open automatically when a fault occurs It can be operated manually or automatically
In a body of water, a wave that breaks or collapses into foam when it reaches shallow water or a beach
A wave that has become too steep to be stable As water becomes shallower waves become steeper When the steepness (ratio of height to length of wave) exceeds 1/7, the laws which govern surface-wave motion are no longer satisfied and the crest outpaces the body of the wave to form a turbulent white mass called a breaker There are three types: spilling-break gradually over distance; plunging-peak up, curl over with tremendous mass, and then break with a crash; surging-do not spill or plunge, but surge up the beach face
A wave that has become so steep that the crest of the wave topples forward, moving faster than the main body of the wave Breakers may be roughly classified into four kinds, although there is much overlap (see Figure 2): Spilling – bubbles and turbulent water spill down the front face of wave The upper 25 percent of the front face may become vertical before breaking Breaking generally across over quite a distance Plunging – a crest curls over air pocket; breaking is usually with a crash Smooth splash-up usually follows Collapsing – breaking occurs over lower half of wave Minimal air pocket and usually no splash-up Bubbles and foam present Surging – wave peaks up, but bottom rushes forward from under wave, and wave slides up beach face with little or no bubble production Water surface remains almost plane except where ripples may be produced on the beach face during backwash
The electrical safety fusing device located in the electrical load center of each trailer Rated in specific ampage capacities, each breaker protects a specific electrical circuit against overloading due to an electrical short or unusual electrical demand or load There are standard (or resistance type) and G F I breakers
Breakers are big sea waves, especially at the point when they just reach the shore. see also ice-breaker, law-breaker, record-breaker, strike-breaker. a large wave with a white top that rolls onto the shore circuit breaker
Specifically: A machine for breaking rocks, or for breaking coal at the mines; also, the building in which such a machine is placed
{i} large wave, wave that breaks into foam
A machine which combines coal crushing and screening Normally consists of a rotating drum in which coal is broken by gravity impact against the walls of the drum
A small cask of water kept permanently in a ships boat in case of shipwreck
waves breaking on the shore
One who, or that which, breaks
A hand held pneumatic tool Designed for light demolition work, digging, making holes etc (099)
A switch-like device that connects/disconnects power to a circuit
Uncoiler rolls through which the strip passes; composed of a mandrel and leveling rolls which unwind the strip prior to processing through the Pickler Breaker rolls assist in breaking up the Hot Mill surface scale
An often large building located close to a mine shaft, housing machinery to break-up large pieces of mined coal into different sizes and grades of coal (from small to large: rice, buckwheat, pea, chestnut, stove, egg and grate) and remove impurities The sorting of these different kinds of coal is done by a system of screens which lie in tiers Each succeeding screen projects farther out than the one next above it The finest coal falls into the first row of bunkers, the next in order falls into the next row of bunkers, and so on The finished product is then loaded onto hopper cars for delivery (click here for a schematic)
A switch-like device in electrical panel boxes used to keep the electrical current from exceeding the recommended load for the wire size connected to the breaker
breaker plate
(Otomotiv) Akış kırma plakası
breaker plate
(Otomotiv) In older cars with points and condensers, this is the movable plate inside the distributor to which the points and the condenser are affixed
breaker point
distributor point: a contact in the distributor; as the rotor turns its projecting arm contacts distributor points and current flows to the spark plugs
breaker zone
The nearshore zone between the outermost breakers and the area of the wave uprush. Also called surf zone
A person or task which is excessively demanding or punishing

My slave-driving boss expects me to work over the weekend. What a ball-breaker!.

bead breaker
A tool or device used to separate the bead from a tire rim

Lost in the middle of nowhere, he started to fix it by using his car-jack as a bead breaker, using the weight of the car to gently separate the bead from the rim.

Attributive form of bead breaker, noun
circuit breaker
An electrical switch capable of opening and closing an electrical circuit in all operating conditions, including fault situations
Alternative spelling of circuit breaker
deal breaker
An issue which causes a relationship (especially in business) to fail

Sometimes the process of digging uncovered a deal breaker.

A cricketer who bowls leg breaks

Armstrong is a leg-breaker, with eight fielders on the on-side. Probably he would do better if he bowled more at the wicket.

A tackle or other on-field maneuver capable of breaking a player's leg

Arca performed a similar stunt with a high over-the-top-of-the-ball tackle on Andy Johnson, except he connected. It is what is called a leg-breaker.

A demanding bicycling competition or the course on which such a competition is held

Zoncolan is a fabled leg breaker of a 13.3km climb that is one of the toughest ascents ever included in a major stage race.

A violent thug, especially one employed as an enforcer by a criminal organization

The thug was an acknowledged leg breaker, a shakedown artist, a peddler of violence.

A person whose job is to break the legs of poultry in a food processing facility

For example, jobs described as meat wrapper or leg breaker would both be coded butcher meat cutter..

A leg break ball

Noble joined Wood, and the pair changed the aspect of affairs, 45 being up before a leg breaker from McGiverin proved too good for Noble's defense.

A short sword or dagger, with a deeply notched or toothed blade, designed to catch or grapple the opponent's weapon
residual current circuit breaker
(Elektrik, Elektronik) A residual current device (RCD), or residual current circuit breaker (RCCB), is an electrical wiring device that disconnects a circuit whenever it detects that the flow of current is not balanced between the phase ("hot") conductor and the neutral conductor. The presumption is that such an imbalance may represent current leakage through the body of a person who is grounded and accidentally touching the energized part of the circuit. A shock, possibly lethal, is likely to result from these conditions; RCDs are designed to disconnect quickly enough to prevent such shocks
ball breaker
demanding person, person who forces others to perform unpleasant tasks; unpleasant task, difficult task
plural of breaker
Waves that break, displaying white water Depends on wave steepness and bottom bathymetry
A wave that approaches shallow water, causing the wave height to exceed the depth of the water it is in, in effect tripping it The wave changes from a smooth surge in the water to a cresting wave with water tumbling down the front of it
a wave that crests or breaks into foam
waves breaking on the shore
circuit breaker
CIRCUIT BREAKERS automatically stop the flow of electricity when it senses too much current or an abnormal condition Circuit breakers are located in substations and on transmission and distribution lines throughout Duquesne Light’s system Once a circuit breaker opens, it must be reset before the flow of power can be restored
circuit breaker
An automatic switch that operates like a fuse and interrupts a circuit when too strong an electric current is passing through
circuit breaker
An automatic, magnetic, or bimetallic device that will open a current-carrying circuit causing the circuit to become inoperative This device is used to prevent circuit damage under a condition of excess current Unlike a fuse that melts when its rating is exceeded, a circuit breaker can be reset automatically or manually when the circuit problem is corrected
circuit breaker
A circuit breaker is a device which can stop the flow of electricity around a circuit by switching itself off if anything goes wrong. There is an internal circuit breaker to protect the instrument from overload. An automatic switch that stops the flow of electric current in a suddenly overloaded or otherwise abnormally stressed electric circuit. a piece of equipment that stops an electric current reaching a machine if the machine becomes dangerous
circuit breaker
Safety device which automatically opens an electrical circuit if overloaded
circuit breaker
A device which looks like a switch and is usually located inside the electrical panel or circuit breaker box It is designed to (1) shut of the power to portions or all of the house and (2) to limit the amount of power flowing through a circuit (measured in amperes) 110 volt household circuits require a fuse or circuit breaker with a rating of 15 or a maximum of 20 amps '220' volt circuits may be designed for higher amperage loads e g a hot water heater may be designed for a 30 amp load and would therefore need a 30 amp fuse or breaker also see GFI
circuit breaker
a device that trips like a switch and opens the circuit when overloaded
circuit breaker
A resetable fuse for an electrical circuit   See fuse
circuit breaker
A safety device in an electrical circuit that automatically shuts off the circuit when it becomes overloaded
circuit breaker
Device that interrupts current if a circuit is overloaded or a short occurs Unlike a fuse, it can be reset
circuit breaker
A re-settable protection device that amounts to a fuse that never needs replacement (e g , My stereo shop got tired of replacing 50 amp fuses in my system so they went ahead and installed a 50 amp circuit breaker )
circuit breaker
Device used to open and close circuit by non-automatic means, as well as to open circuit automatically on predetermined overload current without injury to itself (when properly applied within its rating)
circuit breaker
A switch on an incoming power circuit that opens if abnormal circuit conditions arise (such as an overload or short circuit)
circuit breaker
Device in a circuit that opens the circuit, preventing the flow of electricity, so that it will not be damaged by an overload or short
circuit breaker
A procedure that temporarily halts trading on all U S stock markets for one hour when the Dow Jones Industrial Average falls 250 points or more within a trading day The pause is designed to allow time for the markets to absorb the news that precipitated the decline Should the average fall another 150 points within the same day, trading would again be halted, this time for two hours
circuit breaker
Simple switch-like device which automatically opens a circuit when the rated current is exceeded as in the case of a short circuit
circuit breaker
A mechanically resettable unit that disconnects a circuit at a specifically defined current
circuit breaker
The overcurrent protection device (OCPD) most commonly in residential use The circuit breaker can be opened and closed repeatedly to allow or stop power from flowing along the branch circuit Back to alphabetical list
circuit breaker
The most common type of "overcurrent protection " A breaker trips when a circuit becomes overloaded or shorts out
circuit breaker
a device designed to open a circuit either by manual action or by automatic action when current exceeds a value longer than permitted A circuit breaker can provide overcurrent protection
circuit breaker
an automatic switch which operates like a fuse and interrupts a circuit under an infrequent abnormal condition [return to top]
circuit breaker
A system of trading halts and price limits on equities and derivative markets designed to provide a cooling-off period during large, intraday market declines The first known use of the term circuit breaker in this context was in the Report of the Presidential Task Force on Market Mechanisms (January 1988), which recommended that circuit breakers he adopted following the market break of October 1987
circuit breaker
A resettable device that responds to a preset excess of current flow by opening the circuit thereby preventing damage to circuit elements
circuit breaker
- A reset-able protection device that stops the flow of current when amperage in excess of it's rating flows through it
circuit breaker
-A device that can be used to manually open or close a circuit, and to automatically open a circuit at a predetermined level of overcurrent without damage to itself
circuit breaker
a device which detects excessive power demands in a circuit and self-interrupts when they occur
circuit breaker
A switch that automatically disconnects power to the circuit in the event of a fault condition Located in substations Performs the same function as a circuit breaker in a home BACK TO TOP
contact breaker
mechanical switch in a distributor fitted with two metal contact points through which energy is transmitted
dam breaker
device used to break down dams
heart breaker
person or thing which causes sorrow or grief
An ice-breaker is something that someone says or does in order to make it easier for people have never met before to talk to each other. This exercise can be quite a useful ice-breaker for new groups
An ice-breaker is a large ship which sails through frozen waters, breaking the ice as it goes, in order to create a passage for other ships
word or phrase that is hard to pronounce; hard candy
law breaker
one who violates the law, one who commits a crime
A law-breaker is someone who breaks the law. someone who does something illegal = criminal
someone who breaks a record
A record-breaker is someone or something that beats the previous best result in a sport or other activity. The movie became a box-office record breaker
a contractor who buys old ships and breaks them up for scrap
stone breaker
someone who breaks up stone
strike breaker
one who works during a work strike
A strike-breaker is a person who continues to work during a strike, or someone who takes over the work of a person who is on strike
A tie-breaker is an extra question or round that decides the winner of a competition or game when two or more people have the same score at the end
wind breaker
windcheater a type of coat that protects you from the wind



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    /ˈbrākər/ /ˈbreɪkɜr/


    [ 'brA-k&r ] (noun.) 12th century. break +‎ -er


    ... every single circuit breaker in the house.  The whole house was plunged in darkness. ...

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