tie breaker

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tie break
eşitliği bozmak için oynanan oyun
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Something that is used to pick a winner from a tied situation
A tie-breaker is an extra question or round that decides the winner of a competition or game when two or more people have the same score at the end
a way to choose the winner of a match when teams are tied after overtime; in FIFA tournament play, a series of penalty kicks are taken by players from both teams, and the team that scores on more of them is declared the winner
A method of determining the winner of a set that's tied The most commonly used is the 13-point tiebreaker, which is won by the player who first wins 7 points, provided that the margin of victory is at least 2 points This is sometimes called a "lingering death" tiebreaker, on contrast to the sudden death tiebreaker
in folkstyle, a tiebreaker refers to the 30 second sudden death period that is wrestler if two wrestlers are still tied after a two minute overtime period The wrestler winning the coin flip will be able to choose up, down or force his opponent to choose up or down The first wrestler to score wins, and if neither wrestler score the offensive (top) wrestler ends
overtime play in order to break a tie; e
tennis and soccer
Employed if a set becomes tied at 6-6 A tiebreaker is generally played to 7 points, but because it too must be won by at least two points, it may be extended
overtime play in order to break a tie; e g tennis and soccer
{i} game or point which breaks an even score (in competitions)
tie breaker


    tie brea·ker

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    tay breykır


    /ˈtī ˈbrākər/ /ˈtaɪ ˈbreɪkɜr/


    [ 'tI ] (noun.) before 12th century. Middle English teg, tye, from Old English tEag; akin to Old Norse taug rope, Old English tEon to pull; more at TOW.

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