current breaker

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akım kesici
cereyan kesici
residual current circuit breaker
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residual current circuit breaker
(Elektrik, Elektronik) A residual current device (RCD), or residual current circuit breaker (RCCB), is an electrical wiring device that disconnects a circuit whenever it detects that the flow of current is not balanced between the phase ("hot") conductor and the neutral conductor. The presumption is that such an imbalance may represent current leakage through the body of a person who is grounded and accidentally touching the energized part of the circuit. A shock, possibly lethal, is likely to result from these conditions; RCDs are designed to disconnect quickly enough to prevent such shocks
current breaker


    cur·rent brea·ker

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    kärınt breykır


    /ˈkärənt ˈbrākər/ /ˈkɑːrənt ˈbreɪkɜr/

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