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İngilizce - Türkçe
kara listeye almak
{f} -i kara listeye almak
boykot etmek
kara listeye al

Ben kara listeye alındım. - I've been blacklisted.

Tom kara listeye alındı. - Tom's been blacklisted.

(fiil) kara listeye almak
{i} kara liste

O, kara listeye alındı. - He's been blacklisted.

Ben kara listeye alındım. - I've been blacklisted.

(isim) kara liste
kara listeye almak
İngilizce - İngilizce
To place on a blacklist; to mark a person or entity as one to be shunned or banned

You can blacklist known spammers with that button.

A list or collection of people or entities to be shunned or banned

The software included a lengthy blacklist of disreputable websites to block.

{i} list containing the names of people who are considered to be untrustworthy (or unhirable, undesirable, guilty of some action, etc.)
If someone is blacklisted by a government or organization, they are put on a blacklist. He has been blacklisted since being convicted of possessing marijuana in 1969. the full list of blacklisted airports. + blacklisting black·list·ing a victim of Hollywood's notorious blacklisting. to put a person, country, product etc on a blacklist. a list of people, countries, products etc that are disapproved of, and should therefore be avoided or punished
To put in a black list as deserving of suspicion, censure, or punishment; esp
Term used to describe a list of people, or things, that have been determined to be bad for people/users
a list of people who are out of favor put on a blacklist so as to banish or cause to be boycotted; "many books were blacklisted by the Nazis
a list of people who are out of favor
List of union members circulated among employers to advise them of the union activities of job applicants Concerted activity - Activity by two or more employees as a group, which, if engaged in for mutual aid or protection, is a right guaranteed to employees by the National Labor Relations Act and protected against coercion by employers or unions
put on a blacklist so as to banish or cause to be boycotted; "many books were blacklisted by the Nazis"
List containing of lessors with warnings or excluded by the SJHU bureau no-intercede list, not-mediate list niet-bemiddel lijst
Generally, a blacklist is a list of people or things that have incurred disapproval or suspicion or are to be boycotted or otherwise penalized Related to e-mail, blacklisted IP addresses will not be allowed to send mail to someone trusting the blacklist Blacklisted e-mail addresses will not be allowed to send mail to a user or organization See: DNS-based Spam Databases
If someone is on a blacklist, they are seen by a government or other organization as being one of a number of people who cannot be trusted or who have done something wrong. A government official disclosed that they were on a secret blacklist
In an attempt to hinder illegally altered Access Cards, DirecTV periodically adds specific CAM ID numbers to a blacklist If an Access Card with a blacklisted CAM ID is used, the receiver will give a "Call Extension 745" error, regardless of whether or not the card has proper programming, or a working script This blacklist is why hackers usually copy known good bins onto cards they wish to use
to put in a list of persons stigmatized as insolvent or untrustworthy, as tradesmen and employers do for mutual protection; as, to blacklist a workman who has been discharged
See Black list, under Black, a
A list of disallowable numbers
{f} put on a blacklist (list of people who are out of favor or are to be boycotted)
Having the property of being on a blacklist, a (possibly secret) list people to be rejected

He was blacklisted for refusing to say he wasn't a communist.

Simple past tense and past participle of blacklist
Hollywood Blacklist
list of Hollywood figures who were fired from their jobs and prevented from working in the film industry during the 1950s because they were suspected of being Communists
Past tense and past participle of blacklist, to have added to a blacklist
present participle of blacklist
{i} putting on a blacklist so as to banish
plural of blacklist