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İngilizce - Türkçe

Polis, neredeyse bir aydır çalınan eşyaları arıyor. - The police have been searching for the stolen goods for almost a month.

Haftalardır yavru köpeğimi arıyorum. - I've been searching for my puppy for weeks.

{i} b harfi
{i} arı, balarısı
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering elektrik mühendisine verilen üniversite diploması
{i} gün

Bunun kolay olacağını düşünmüştüm, fakat bütün gün çalışıyoruz ve hâlâ bitirmedik. - I thought doing this would be easy, but we've been working all day and we're still not finished.

Onun üç gün boyunca bilinci kapalı. - He has been unconscious for three days.

{i} yardımlaşma
{i} takıntı
{i} arı gibi çalışan kimse
{i} sabit fikir
{i} toplanma

Bir birahane bira içmek için popüler bir toplanma yeridir. - A pub is a popular gathering place in which to drink beer.

bee balm
bir çeşit nane
bee eater
arı kuşu
bee glove
arıcı eldiveni
bee hive
arı kovanı
bee veil
arı maskesi
bee fly
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) Arı sineği
bee gees
(Muzik) Bee Gees 1960'larda soft rock, 1970'lerde disko müzikte büyük sükse yapmış, müzik dünyasının gelmiş geçmiş en başarılı gruplarından biri kabul edilen, İngiltere doğumlu, Avustralya'da büyümüş, ABD'de üne kavuşmuş Barry, Robin ve Maurice Gibb isimli üç kardeşten oluşan bir müzik grubudur. Grubun ismi "Brothers Gibb" (Gibb Kardeşler) deki B ve G harflerinin ingilizce okunuşundan esinlenerek oluşturulmuştur
bee gloves
arıcı eldiveni
bee house
arı evi
bee keeper
Arıcı, arıcılık yapan kişi
bee louse
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) Bal arılarına ve onların balmumu ve polenlerine dadanan çok minik bir sinek türü
bee louse
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) Arı biti
bee moth
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) Bal kelebeği
bee poison
arı zehiri
bee pollen
arı poleni
bee sting
arı sokması

Arı sokması, acı bir şeydir. - A bee sting is a painful thing.

Arı sokması çok acı verici olabilir. - A bee sting can be very painful.

bee stung
arı sokulan
bee's knees
Hayranlık uyndıran kişi
bee eater
bee master
have a bee in one's bonnet
takıntısı olmak
have a bee in one's bonnet
kafaya takmak
(Arılık) arılar

Er ya da geç her anne-baba çocukları ile kuşlar ve arılar hakkında bir konuşma yapmak zorundadır. - Sooner or later, every parent has to have a talk with their children about the birds and the bees.

Kızlar, arılar kadar meşguldür. - The girls are as busy as bees.

field bee
(Arılık) tarlacı arı
hive bee
(Arılık) kovan arısı
honey bee
(Arılık) bal arısı
little bee
(Arılık) küçük arı
queen bee
rock bee
(Arılık) kaya arısı
rock bee
(Arılık) dev arı
a bee in one's bonnet
a bee in one's bonnet
fikri sabit
alkali bee
alkali arısı
be as busy as a bee
başını kaşıyacak vakti olmamak
german bee
alman arısı
killer bee
katil arı
potter bee
çömlekçi arısı
queen bee
alkali bee
alkalı arısı
as busy as a bee
durmadan çalışan; çok yoğun olan; yapacak çok işi olan; arı gibi çalışan
have a bee in one's bonnet
(deyim) Bir konu hakkında saplantısı/takıntısı olmak

Dad’s got a bee in his bonnet about saving electricity.

have a bee in one´s bonnet
k. dili bir fikri kafasına takmış olmak
put the bee on so.
böylece arı koydu
quilting bee
(Eski adet) Yorgan yapmak için insanların bir araya gelmesi
bee moth
(Arılık) mum kurdu
bumble bee
(Arılık) bambul arısı
busy as a bee
çok meşgul
carpenter bee
cuckoo bee
(Arılık) bambul türü
cuckoo bee
(Arılık) guguk arısı
driven bee
(Arılık) sürüklenen arı
guard bee
(Arılık) koruyucu arı
guard bee
(Arılık) muhafız arı
have a bee in one's
{k} bir fikri kafasına takmış olmak
house bee
(Arılık) evci arı
humble bee
(Arılık) bambul arısı
indian bee
(Arılık) hindistan arısı
mould bee wax
(Arılık) balmumu küfü
nurse bee
(Arılık) bakıcı arı
queen bee
kraliçe arı
scout bee
(Arılık) öncü arı
spelling bee
imlâ yarışması
spelling bee
heceleme yarışması

Heceleme yarışması aptalcadır. - Spelling bees are stupid.

Komşunun oğlu okulda heceleme yarışmasını kazandı. - The neighbors' son won the spelling bee at school.

sting like a bee
arı gibi sokmak
worker bee
işçi arı
İngilizce - İngilizce
someone connected with Barnet Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc
A contest, especially for spelling, see spelling bee

geography bee.

A gathering for a specific purpose, e.g. a sewing bee or a quilting bee
A ring or torque; a bracelet

restoring unto the world much gold richly adorning his Sword, two hundred Rubies, many hundred Imperial Coynes, three hundred golden Bees, the bones and horseshoe of his horse enterred with him.

Archaic spelling of the verb be

held that a ‘Nicholaitan is an heretike, like Nicholas, who held that wiues should bee common to all alike.’.

A flying insect, of the order Hymenoptera, superfamily Apoidea
The name of the Latin script letter B/b
{n} a genus of insects, of which there are more than fifty species, one of which is kept for honey
An insect of the order Hymenoptera, and family Apidæ (the honeybees), or family Andrenidæ (the solitary bees
The official cat of the BVC, look at the lower right corner of the collage inside the "Woonsocket" CD for a picture of B
n lebah
a social gathering to carry out some communal task or to hold competitions
{i} type of flying insect; gathering for the purpose of carrying out a certain task (quilting bee, spelling bee, etc.)
If you have a bee in your bonnet about something, you are so enthusiastic or worried about it that you keep mentioning it or thinking about it. He's got a bee in his bonnet about factory farming
of Be; used for been
Pieces of hard wood bolted to the sides of the bowsprit, to reeve the fore-topmast stays through; called also bee blocks
Bioenvironmental Engineer(ing)
a gathering in which neighbours help each other Example: a quilting bee (make a quilt) or a house raising bee
A neighborly gathering of people who engage in united labor for the benefit of an individual or family; as, a quilting bee; a husking bee; a raising bee
1 Stinging remarks 2 gossip 3 Good aspect, kinship 4 working together
any of numerous hairy-bodied insects including social and solitary species a social gathering to carry out some communal task or to hold competitions
Bioenvironmental Engineering
A bee is a social event where people get together for a competition or to do something such as sew. That year I won first prize in the spelling bee. A bee block. The letter b. Any of some 20,000 insect species belonging to the superfamily Apoidea (order Hymenoptera), including the familiar bumblebee. Adults range in size from about 0.08 to 1.6 in. (2 mm-4 cm). Bees are related to wasps, but, unlike wasps, which can eat other insects, most bees are entirely dependent on flowers for their food. Male bees are usually short-lived and never collect pollen; female bees make and provision the nest and usually have special anatomical structures for carrying pollen. Most species are solitary. The so-called killer bee, an Africanized subspecies of Apis mellifera (see honeybee), reached the U.S. from Mexico 1990; killer bees react quickly and attack in number. See also Karl von Frisch
any of numerous hairy-bodied insects including social and solitary species
See Honeybee
A bee is an insect with a yellow-and-black striped body that makes a buzzing noise as it flies. Bees make honey, and can sting
bee balm
The aromatic plant Monarda punctata, native to North America, also called Bergamot (but not the same species as Citrus bergamina used to flavor Earl Grey Tea though similar in scent). Referred to as Bee Balm because bees are attracted to the blossoms which are rich in nectar. In America it is also known as Oswego tea
bee candy
A manufactured food for bees, used by bee-keepers

The hive was provisioned with bee candy, water, 2 frames of honey, and 1 frame of pollen mixed with dextrose.

bee hummingbird
A species of hummingbird, Mellisuga helenae, noted for being the smallest living bird
bee in one's bonnet
Something of particular interest or concern; an obsession

He has had a bee in his bonnet ever since he heard about the problem.

bee smoker
A device that releases smoke intended to distract bees
bee smokers
plural form of bee smoker
bee's knees
Something excellent, outstanding

We had strawberry shortcake for breakfast on Saturday and the kids thought it was the bee’s knees.

Any of various brightly-coloured, insectivorous, near-passerine birds in the family Meropidae, especially the European bee-eater, Merops apiaster
bee gees
(Muzik) The Bee Gees were a singing trio of brothers — Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb — that became one of the most successful musical acts of all time. They were born on the Isle of Man to English parents, lived in Manchester, England and moved to Brisbane, Australia during their childhood years, where they began their musical careers. Their worldwide success came when they returned to England and signed with producer Robert Stigwood
bee lice
The family Braulidae (Diptera), or bee lice, contains eight species in two genera, Braula and Megabraula. These are very unusual flies, wingless and flattened, and barely recognizable as Diptera. Braula coeca Nitzsch is a pest of honey bees. The larvae tunnel through the wax honeycomb and the adults are found on the bodies of honey bees. There is some debate as to whether the bee louse causes damage to the honey bee. These flies sometimes can be found at places where bees congregate such as flowers or salt licks, waiting to grab onto hosts from uninfested nests. Braula is cosmopolitan and about 1.6 mm in length. Megabraula is found in Nepal and is 3 mm in length
bee louse
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) A minute fly which is a parasite of honeybees, the larvae feeding on wax and stored pollen
bee sting
Prick from a bee, small stab of a stinger of a bee
bee's knees
An outstandingly good thing or person, dog's bollocks
bee balm
perennial aromatic herb of eastern North America having variously colored tubular flowers in dense showy heads perennial herb of North America
bee balm
An aromatic eastern North American herb (Monarda didyma) in the mint family, having variously colored, tubular bilabiate flowers grouped in dense showy heads. Also called bergamot. Any of 12 North American annual or perennial plants in the genus Monarda, variously known as bergamot, horsemint, and bee balm. They belong to the mint family and have showy flowers. Wild bergamot (M. fistulosa) has a minty aroma. The more sharply scented Oswego tea (M. didyma; a bergamot variety) is native to eastern North America but is widely cultivated elsewhere
bee beetle
European beetle; infests beehives
bee block
A piece of hardwood on either side of a bowsprit through which forestays are reeved
bee eater
colorful chiefly tropical Old World bird having a strong graceful flight; feeds on especially bees
bee fly
Any of various flies of the family Bombyliidae that resemble bees, feed on nectar and pollen, and have larvae that are parasitic on bees, wasps, and other insects
bee fly
hairy nectar-eating fly that resembles a bee; larvae are parasitic on larvae of bees and related insects
bee garden
garden place where bees are kept, garden to keep beehives in; apiary
bee keeper
one who keeps bees for producing honey
bee keeping
raising of bees
bee line
The shortest line from one place to another, like that of a bee to its hive when loaded with honey; an air line
bee moth
moth whose larvae live in and feed on bee honeycombs
bee moth
A moth (Galleria mellonella) that lays its eggs in beehives, where the larvae feed on the wax and debris of the honeycombs. Also called wax moth
bee orchid
European orchid whose flowers resemble bumble bees in shape and color
bee plant
Any of numerous plants that attract bees for nectar or pollen
bee sting
a sting inflicted by a bee
bee's knees
person or thing that is wonderful, marvelous person or thing (Slang)
type of bird which feeds on insects
Any of about 25 species of brightly coloured birds (family Meropidae) that feed on bees, wasps, and other insects. They are found throughout tropical and subtropical Eurasia, Africa, and Australasia (one species occasionally reaches the British Isles). Bee-eaters range in length from 6 to 14 in. (15-35 cm). Their bill is moderately long, slightly downcurved, and pointed. Their brilliant plumage is usually predominantly green, but many species are partially coloured with red, yellow, blue, or purple
direct line, straight line
Alternative spelling of bumblebee
busy as a bee
Very active; working constantly

There was his father bending over his papers at his writing-table before the window, busy as a bee no doubt at some new enthusiasm which was destined to infuriate his neighbours.

honey bee
A species of bee, Apis mellifera, often kept commercially for honey, beeswax, and pollination of crops
ke-mo sah-bee
"my trusted friend"
killer bee
An Africanized honey bee
leaf-cutter bee
A bee of the family Megachilidae that cuts fragments from leaves and uses them to build its nest
leaf-cutting bee
A leaf-cutter bee
leafcutter bee
Alternative spelling of leaf-cutter bee
like a bee in clover
Alternative form of in clover
mason bee
Any of the bees of the genus Osmia having the habit of making compartments of mud in their nests
mining bee
Any of very many species of bee, of the genus Andrena, that nest in burrows
none of your bee's wax
Alternative form of none of your beeswax
put the bee on
to beg; to borrow money from
put the bee on
to finish off, to beat
queen bee
A reproductive female (especially the only one) in a colony of bees

It is generally believed that the queen bee mates only once in her lifetime.

queen bee
The most important or dominant woman in an organisation or situation

She muttered to her mother, “There's that obnoxious redhead who thought she was the Queen Bee last year when she was a senior!”.

quilting bee
A social event in which people get together to make a quilt
spelling bee
A spelling competition where contestants, usually children, are asked to spell words; the individual or team spelling the most words correctly wins
sting like a bee
to deliver a powerful punch
the bee's knees
Excellent; surpassingly wonderful; cool
worker bee
A sterile bee whose speciality is to support the hive, especially by collecting pollen
have a bee in one's bonnet
(deyim) Think something is so important, so necessary etc that you keep mentioning it or thinking about it

Dad’s got a bee in his bonnet about saving electricity.

have a bee in your bonnet
(deyim) Keep talking about something again and again because you think it is very important

She never stops talking about dieting - she's got a real bee in her bonnet about it.

quilting bee
A social gathering for the purpose of making a quilt or quilts, quilting party
Africanized bee
{i} aggressive hybrid breed of honeybee that was accidentally hybridized in Brazil which is a cross between a European honeybee with an African bee
africanized bee
a strain of bees that originated in Brazil in the 1950s as a cross between an aggressive African bee and a honeybee; retains most of the traits of the African bee; now spread as far north as Texas
as busy as a bee
very busy, having many things to do, constantly working
- see Hummer
(Brevet d'État d'Éducateur Sportif): Sports instructor diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Youth and Sports (Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports)
plural of bee
The Alaska Building Energy Efficiency Standard (BEES) was enacted by the Alaska State Legislature and became effective January 1, 1992, establishing a minimum energy standard for newly constructed residential dwellings that must be met in order to obtain AHFC financing
Dangerous flying projectiles with stingers that sometimes hide in flowers we are about to sniff They also make good eating Trust me I know!
11r L 20 v To be
black bee
dark-colored ill-tempered honeybee supposedly of German origin
bumble bee
{i} any of several types of large bees
busy as a bee
very busy, always working, very energetic
busy bee
{f} be very busy doing something; have very much work
busy bee
{i} alert person with lots of energy and stamina; eager beaver; (Slang) PCP, anesthetic and hallucinative drug
carniolan bee
grayish highly productive European honeybee that has a quiet disposition
carpenter bee
large solitary bee that lays eggs in tunnels bored into wood or plant stems
carpenter bee
Any of various solitary bees of the family Apidae that bore tunnels into wood to lay their eggs
carpenter bee
{i} type of solitary bee that dig tunnels in wood and lay its eggs there
dog bee
A male or drone bee
drone bee
The male of the honeybee; a drone
drone bee
{i} stingless male honeybee
has a bee in his bonnet
has a persistent thought in his head
humble bee
{i} bumblebee, large and hairy bee (non-stinging)
husking bee
a social gathering for the purpose of husking corn
italian bee
yellowish honeybee resembling the Carniolan bee in its habits
killer bee
A killer bee is a type of bee which is very aggressive and likely to attack and sting people
killer bee
an investment banker who devises strategies to make a target company less attractive for takeover
leaf-cutting bee
bee that cuts rounded pieces from leaves and flowers to line its nest
mason bee
any of numerous solitary bees that build nests of hardened mud and sand
mason bee
Any of various solitary bees of the family Megachilidae, found worldwide, that build clay nests
potter bee
solitary bee that builds nests of mud or pebbles cemented together and attached to a plant
queen bee
{i} adult fertile female bee; (Slang) woman who has a controlling position; (Informal) girl or woman who is important
queen bee
fertile egg-laying female bee
quilting bee
a gathering to make quilts
rocky mountain bee plant
plant of western North America having trifoliate leaves and white or pink spider-shaped flowers; sometimes used as an ornamental
spelling bee
a contest in which you are eliminated if you fail to spell a word correctly
spelling bee
writing and/or spelling competition
spelling bee
A contest in which competitors are eliminated as they fail to spell a given word correctly. Also called spelldown. a competition in which the winner is the person who spells the most words correctly
sweat bee
Any of various small, ground-nesting bees of the family Halictidae that are attracted to perspiration
to have a bee in one's bonnet
be ga-ga over one particular idea
worker bee
sterile bee specialized to collect food and maintain the hive
bee that serves the queen bee, drone